[Question #4854] SYMPTOMS - VERY WORRIED!

27 months ago

Hello Dr HHH and Dr Hook.

I am really sorry for being back on this forum. After reading a few responses to other questions, I got extremely anxious with a piece of information that I felt I should have added to my question no. 4785

I noted Dr HHH’s final comment that I need not worry about any other exposure other than unprotected intercourse. Here are some details in addition to my question no 4785

01 October: I mentioned my encounter with a South American CSW in a rather famous Nightclub in Madrid, where she performed a few minor licks and gave me a handjob. To expand, we went in one of the rooms in the strip club and we both removed our clothes. The main issue is that I DON’T’ seem to recollect much about this encounter. All I remember is what I just stated above. There was of course body kissing but despite straining my memory hard to recollect any potential risky encounter, I can remember NONE! I do remember that I then showered in a small cubicle in the room itself and she handed me a towel to dry myself. I remember asking if the towel was clean and she replied in broken English that ‘yes it is clean. I have tried hard remembering any other risky exposure but can’t remember any penile vaginal contact, which if at all would have been very slight brushing if at all. I am sure even with a poor memory I will not blank out on an intercourse situation – NOT possible!

03 October: I mentioned my encounter with another South American CSW where I received protected oral sex. I mentioned that before ejaculations she removed the condom and I ejaculated on her upper body and she slightly rubbed my penis opening on her nipple. However, in the heat of the moment and with dim lights I am not entirely sure if the condom remained intact or it broke. It did appear intact but I am not 100% sure as I didn’t specifically check this. She said she is very strict about protection with her clients but she also mentioned that she is a student who is doing this to pay her fee. I have her telephone number but never got in touch after this encounter. I however kept checking her frequency of coming online on whatsapp but now her LAST SEEN status seems to be MORE than a day ago. Her profile pictures included doing a near lip lock with a man once and have also included her selfie pics. Her last pic seems to be on a Yacht with an alcohol glass.

Usually I would have been anxious after such encounters but after reading your earlier answers emphasizing no concerns on anything other than unprotected intercourse, I was relaxed after these encounters.

However, after my visit to Madrid, I travelled to Frankfurt and stayed at a few days at a good hotel.

10 October: I moved to another hotel. I was perfectly healthy that day but got really exhausted carrying a large bag and walking to another hotel where I checked in on 10 October. The Aircon in my new room did not seem very clean and the air did not seem very healthy either. The room did not have any ventilation either, with an unopenable glass window.

That night I developed mid- severe sore throat and felt feverish. However, it became better in the day but was bad next morning too. Please note:

-          Sore throat persisted for about 2-3 days but I did NOT take any antibiotics. It went away after 2 days or so.

-          There was NO noticeable sweating in the night

-          I never check the thermometer but there was NO NOTICEABLE sweating after I took Paracetamol, so I believe there was no fever or if at all there was, it was mild

-          I went about with my daily work when the sore throat was lingering for a couple of days or so. Usually with a high fever I would have been unable to function.

-          NO rash – again I wasn’t anxious then so wasn’t looking for such symptoms but a rash would have been noticeable and would have made me anxious. I am quite confident there wasn’t any.

  • -          A day after sore throat developed, I developed cough with some phlegm/mucus.
  • -          The cough persisted for about a week and settled after that


Since I felt the room very chlostrophobic immediately after checking in and developing these symptoms overnight, I am also assigning the probable cause of these symptoms to the BAD environment in the room. I also became much better after checking out of this hotel a week later and in another hotel which had ventilation.


-          I have been PERFECTLY healthy till date. No recurrence of any such symptoms after the above.

-          I have noticed a few red dots on my torso which come and go, but all this has started after my anxiety fueled last few days. When I wasn’t anxious, I wasn’t noticing any of this.

I am now linking all these events and getting extremely anxious, despite your assurances on these exposures. I have had two unprotected sex events with my wife after this but I am very anxious about doing it again. I am extremely anxious about even touching my children now.  Please help doctor! I am really sorry again! My wife has a thyroid issue and has had itchy skin over the last one year. It has flared up in the last few weeks! I am really really anxious again!

27 months ago
Sorry - just to clarify the last point on my recent small dots on torso - these are very small dots and NOT a rash. More like 1 or 2 very small bumps which have come and gone. With a rational mind - I am not worried about these as I think I am noticing this due to anxiety. Just thought I will add this point in my question but felt the need to clarify and not create a needless anxiety situation around this particular occurrence! I am waiting for your response Dr Handsfield/Hook. 
Edward W. Hook M.D.
Edward W. Hook M.D.
27 months ago
This is your 5th anxiety-driven question about no risk events in the past 9 month. As Dr Handsfield said to you 10 days ago"

"Please note the forum does not permit repeated questions on the same topic or exposure. This will have to be your last one; future new questions of this sort and your fears about HIV may receive no reply, in which case the posting fee will not be refunded. This policy is based on compassion, not criticism, and to reduce temptations to keep paying for questions with obvious answers. In addition, experience shows that continued answers tend to prolong users' anxieties rather than reducing them. Finally, such questions have little educational value for other users, one of the forum's main purposes. Thanks for your understanding. 

Final advice:  Stop searching the internet about these issues. As for many anxious and uncertain persons, you are being attracted to information that inflames your fears and missing the reassuring information that also can be found. Learning that someone believes a particular rare event led to HIV ("I'm sure I caught HIV even though the condom seemed to work") are to be entirely ignored as unreliable and unhelpful, and not reflecting actual risks.'

Now you return, re-describing events that have been described before and "wondering" if you might have missed an exposure and then attributing common, non-specific symptoms to possible HIV/STIs.  This is your anxiety, nothing more.  No change in the advice you received from Dr. Handsfield.  this thread will be closed shortly.  EWH

27 months ago
Thanks Dr Hook. I am sorry to have posted this anxiety driven question. I have now covered all the points and no more questions. God bless you and Dr Handsfield. You are doing great work. My apologies again.