[Question #4875] Undetected STD?

25 months ago

Hi docs, This question ranges a few STDs, and I've talked to Nurse Warren on her forum extensively, so hoping one of the Drs. H might answer (I understand if you don't want to set a bad precedent because it does partially involve herpes). On September 18, I slept with a new partner (a friend, had been tested one partner before me), unprotected vaginal sex and I performed oral on him. He did not perform oral on me. A few days later, I had some white discharge, and went to Planned Parenthood, where they diagnosed me with yeast.  About two weeks after that, still felt some burning so went back to PP. Did another pelvic exam, said BV, put me on flagyl. On and off since then I've had a decent amount of white discharge and on and off burning, but no lesions. I've seen two additional gyns (private offices) and they both didn't see anything.  I've read about NGU for men: could that be a thing for women? I haven't had pain when urinating. 

I got a 10 test panel at 6 weeks, all clear, and a Western Blot through UW at 13 weeks, also negative for both HSV types. But today I was sent into a tailspin when my throat hurt a little and I noticed a yellow dot on my left tonsil (it kind of looked like a pimple, if that's a thing). I messed with it a little, and it became a red dot. I then noticed another tiny red dot above it. I went to an urgent care, and NP said it was just normal URI, but at my asking swabbed for herpes. For what it's worth, I also had the guy get tested, 10 weeks past the exposure he had before me, and it was negative for everything.

1. Does this sound like recurrent yeast? Herpes despite the negative tests? 

2. I have also noticed what seems to be a skin tag on my inner thigh, maybe three inches below my groin. Is this likely to be HPV? I had two Gardisil shots, but failed to get the third (dumb, I know).

3.  Anything else you can think of?

Edward W. Hook M.D.
Edward W. Hook M.D.
25 months ago
Welcome to our Forum. I'll do my best to help.  Before I address your specific questions, let me provide several comments.  Given the timing to your 10 panel test (6 weeks) and the reliability of modern diagnostic tests it is clear that you do not have gonorrhea, chlamydia, trichomonas, HIV or syphilis  (The are the "big ones", happy to discuss the other STIs tested for if you wish but I would not worry about them either. (  further, with a negative UW Western blot test at 13 weeks, it is likewise clear that you do not have HSV and your discharge is not due to HSV either.  Indeed, your symptoms do sound like bacterial vaginosis (BV).   If you responded to your initial metronidazole therapy, then I suspect your problem is recurrent BV which does have a tendency to, unfortunately, recur rather frequency.   Let me think what you think about this analysis of what you report.

Secondly, the red dot/pimple you describe is a typical finding in any number of upper respiratory tract infections and does not particularly suggest STI.  My guess is that is a coincidental process.

With the, as for your questions:
1.  Clearly this is NOT herpes, for sure.  It is likewise most unlikely that your recurrent vaginal discharge is yeast.  I suspect this would have been detected by your doctors if this were the problems.
2.  Two shots of gardisil should be protective (you can still get the 3rd shot and it is probably worthwhile) and skin tags are common.  I would have your doctor take a look and would warn you that many doctors have difficulty distinguishing visible genital warts from skin tags.  Even if this did happen to be a genital wart, our stance is that visible warts are not a major health concern.  You can look at any number of other interactions on this forum for the explanation of   the basis for this stance.
3.  Please see my thoughts above.

I hope these comments help.  Please consider them.  We do permit up to two follow-up questions for the purpose of clarification.  EWH