[Question #4906] Hep and Hiv

24 months ago
Dr. Hook and Handsfield

I will make this question very short.  A girl gave me rough oral sex 20 days ago.  In the morning I noticed a bruise on my shaft and minor blood.  I think it was my own but I am not sure.  I had fallen off the wagon and drank.  I don't THINK we had vaginal intercourse.  She said we didn't.

At my insistence she had lab tests for gonnerhea, clymedia and Hiv.  These tests were all negative.  The Hiv test was Hiv 1 and 2 AG / AB 4th gen.  She hasn't been with anyone since May 19th 2018.

The gal has hpv.  

When she got her results today from her gyno they offered her a hepatitis test because her ex cheated.  So she had the test performed.  Results are forthcoming.


1. I read long ago that Hep infection affects Hiv test results.  Is this true?

2. If her Hep test comes back positive would it affect her Hiv results?  (Her blood for Hiv and STDs was drawn on 1/18/19.  Last risk was 8 months prior to tests)

3.  Do I need hepatitis testing?

4.  Do I need Hiv testing?

I continue psychological care 2 times a week for ptsd and anxiety after a rape.

Thank you.

H. Hunter Handsfield, MD
H. Hunter Handsfield, MD
24 months ago
1) No, not true.

2) Same question in different words. Same answer.

3) No.

4) No.

Why such curt answers? Because the answers are obvious and you knew them before asking. Also, this is your 10th question on the forum, which I think is the record for any one user. You are using us as a crutch, but we refuse that role. And you have been wanred several times that repeated anxiety-driven questions on the same topic are not wecome. 

24 months ago
Dr.  Handsfield

I am sorry for annoying you.  I am single and just trying to make my way.  My recent history below:

  • One of the recent gals I dated works at the Red Cross and gives blood and plasma every month, hence I know she is HIV negative.  The other girl recently dated tested hiv negative yesterday.  She is who cut me during rough oral sex.
  • Prior to that I had vaginal sex with a condom and received oral sex from a girl on November 18, 2018.  I dont know her history but i tested more then 6 weeks after her.  She claims to have been tested.
  • I also  received oral sex on October 18, 2018. I dont know her history.  I tested more then 6 weeks after her.  
My most recent tests all where alere rapid tests 4th gen performed on 
Jan 7, 2019 
Jan 16, 2019
Jan 29, 2019

All were negative.

My problem is that for years i have had mouth sores and several cases of ORAL THRUSH confirmed and treated by doctors.   These issues come and go.  I have had my sugar tested multiple times.  I am scared because of the sores and the thrush.  I cant help but think its HIV related.  I had more sores and thrush as recent as this past Monday.  I have seen so many specialists over these issues.

I dont know what to do?

Do I need more hiv testing?
H. Hunter Handsfield, MD
H. Hunter Handsfield, MD
24 months ago
The exposure events you describe do not change my opinion or advice.

I don't know the cause of your mouth sores or other symptoms and it is not my job to figure it out. All I can do is give you 100% assurance that your symptoms are not due to HIV. Oral thrush often occurs in people with normal immune systems.

"I don't know what to do?"  See a doctor.

"Do I need more HIV testing?" Already answered innumerable times in your many threads. You know the answer and I see no reason to say it again.

It's not that you are "annoying" us. The problem is your psychological state, which leads you to disbelieve or not understand the expert advice you have received repeatedly. And that's not a problem we can solve.

This is definitely your last thread on the forum. Any future ones WILL be deleted without reply and without refund of the posting fee, as has happened with several forum users over the years. We take this position from compassion, not criticism.