[Question #4926] Herpes on ear possibility touched with lips (no saliva exchange)8

27 months ago
Hello Terri, as asked in the earlier question the exposure of a kid kissing/slightly brushing my ear lobe, the exposure was just for a sec and that too I don’t even felt there was any saliva but just a touch or brush to my ear is what I felt. After watching these two posts it freaks me out. Can u pls advise what your thoughts are on this exposure based on the below medhelp posts? 

The above person got sore immediately itseems, pls review and help me understand the situation.

Pls comment here as I am freaking out. I washed my ear with water 5 min after the exposure.  Can you please help me with this kindly? I don’t know the history of the kids cold sores. Thank you. 

Terri Warren, RN, Nurse Practitioner
Terri Warren, RN, Nurse Practitioner
27 months ago
I am going to answer this and then will answer no more.  You have posted so many anxiety driven questions on this forum, I think all three of us do not think that these questions are helpful.
The kind of contact you describe does NOT present a risk for infection.  And people who get new herpes do not get symptoms immediately - the quickest I have seen sores develop is two days. 
You need to put this incident behind you if possible. 
I don't believe that any of us will answer further questions from you on this forum.  Thank you most sincerely for your understanding.