[Question #4975] 4966 follow-up - clarification on answer to 4809

29 months ago
Hi Dr. Hook,

I’m sorry to post again as I know your last response was very comprehensive. However I just went and read your response to another poster (question 4809).

I’m a bit worried now as you instead described there transmission of HPV by kissing and also indirect/casual contact as “low risk” rather than almost impossible?

I’m worried now that if I have HPV and am living with my family (parents and sisters) that I may unknowingly transmit it to them?
So my question is whether there would be any risk of transmitting HPV to them through either casual/indirect contact or sharing razors/toothbrush/towels/bedding/other household objects? I was living with my family for several years and sharing razors/toothbrush/towels through this time (not something I do now)

When you said in your answer it was “low risk” in #4809, did this mean exceptionally low risk like overall >1,000 to 1 even if having these non-sexual exposures for years? Assuming I have HPV and my parents/sisters are all unvaccinated.

Also my family and I all suffer from the below conditions, assume your answers wouldn’t change due to any of the below conditions? Sorry to ask again Dr - but I just want to clarify given your seemingly different answer to another poster. Thank you so much again 

  • Immune thrombocytopenic purpura (ITP)
  • Bronchiectasis/COPD/asthma/bronchitis/respirator with high-dose long term oral and inhaled steroid use for Bronchiectasis/COPD/asthma/bronchitis. Due to this my parents and I have thin skin that cuts/tears/bruises easily
  • Von Willebrand / other blood clotting disorders. Also myself and family suffer from this.

Edward W. Hook M.D.
Edward W. Hook M.D.
29 months ago
Exceptionally low risk.  Your concerns are unrealistic.

We will now take steps to ban you from this Forum.  Your repetitive, unrealistic, anxiety-driven questions detract of the benefit of this forum for others.  As I mentioned before, I URGE you to address your anxieties and concerns over events that took place years ago by seeking mental health support, not by wasting time and money submitting questions to this Forum.   EWH