[Question #498] Herpes test doubt

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99 months ago
First i want to apologize for my bad english.
I am 31 years old male , with circunsision ( dont know if is relevant)  8 months ago i had a sexual enconuter with a female who i dont really know that well, it was one time only with protection all the time , no oral sex .

 I make STDs screening time to time , so i did me screening  18 weeks after this encounter. Tested  for HIV , Shypylis , i had a uretral swab for clamidia and also did the IgG test for herpes , all were negative , and had an urethral PCR for Papiloma virus ,negative too the only positive result was HSV 1 . That was not surprise to me , couple years ago in my screening i had the same result for HSV 1 + and HSV 2 - . As far as i know HSV 1 is more related to cold sores in the mouth , which i had them since i was a child , i used to have them a lot i mean a lot. 

Like two months after my screening i started to feel some unconfortable feeling in my tights and had some testicular pain . Nothing that could stop me from doing my work or anything , the testicular pain was for certain moments only not constant. I decided to go with an urologist , he made me a uretral swab for Gram bacteria, a bactteria named  staphylococus aureus was shown in the results. I also had a testicular ultrasound , i have varicocele and a 3 mm cyst , also they sugested that i could have epididimitis but the Dr would have to confirmed. He told me that everything was ok. 

I did some research and found that clamidia could cause epidimitis so i took another test and came back negative , never had any symptoms  , i went to other doctors and they  told me that epididimitis can not by diagnosed by ultrasound they will need to make a physical test whichs they did and nothing came up , no pain while they were doing it, one dr did gave me antibiotics because i pretty much beg for it. And looks like the pain has gone away. 

while i was doing my research i found out about herpes blood test and the more i did research the more i got paranoid of having a false negative. My result test for herpes test at  18 weeks were the following:

Anti herpes 1 Ig G               41.1
Anti herpes 2 Ig G.               0.1 

Three weeks ago i had some rash in my inner tights , it was itchy , after i scratch very hard because of the itch , some kind of bumps came out , thats when i gat scare , i wanted a urologist to see the bumps but they gone the next day . But went to see him any way and he said that its a fungal infection , i even went to a gynecologist that i know, and he said the same thing.

I have been with a lot of urologist and 1 gynecologist and all of them have told me that i don't have herpes , i was going every time i would see something "not normal " in my genital area but they all said that its not herpes, if it was you would have symptoms ( ulcers and cold sores ) long ago.  Nothing have change , my genital area looks normal to me , haven't seen any cold sores or ulcers.

I am getting tired of thinking of this, i want to move on but i m afraid that maybe i have something and dont know it. 

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Terri Warren, RN, Nurse Practitioner
99 months ago
Your negative IgG herpes test at 8 months post -encounter should be considered accurate to 98%, yes.  That's pretty darn good!  I think you should rely on the opinions of the providers that you have seen AND the negative antibody test to believe that you are uninfected with HSV 2.