[Question #499] Herpes test doubt

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101 months ago
Sorry i didnt put the question in

Should i rely on a herpes igg test done at 18 weeks ? I havent had any sexual enconuter after this one 

I seen stories in the internet people having false negatives or they test negative and after 6 months or a year they test positive . Should re test for confirmation ?

do anything that i described sound like herpes ? Also had some lower back pain and my tight were feeling weird . One day i kind of had flu symptoms i tought i was getting sick but i was just fine next day.  

Besides ulcers and cold sores , is there any specefic symptoma of genital herpes ? 

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Terri Warren, RN, Nurse Practitioner
101 months ago
Haha.  Yes, I think you should rely on the 18 week test as being accurate, with 98% certainty.  Are there people who never test positive on the IgG test and are infected?  Yes, 2 out of 100, compared to the gold standard western blot.  Do people become positive after 6 months?  Yes, but very rarely and most if they have taken antiviral medicine for an extended period of time OR they get a false positive after 6 months, which could be reported on the internet but not confirmed by western blot.  Don't believe everything you read on the internet.  The sores are the main thing you should observe for.