[Question #5006] STD risk - further testing?

25 months ago
Hi, and thanks for all the advise you give on this forum.

First time user here, and a few question on STI Risk and testing.

Married male, 35, uk - had protected sex with Asian escort on 30th August and unprotected oral sex from British escort on 21 sept 19.  8th October slight burning on urination, took azithromicin single dose (silly now I know before testing)  and burning cleared by 10th October. 
Continued unprotected sex with wife but tested for chlamydia and gonnorhea on 17th Oct, 21st Nov and 5th Dec - all negative. (I had been continuing unprotected sex with my wife throughout this time frame)

No real symptoms although I am examining frequently and on occasion, when squeezing penis to check for discharge a very small amount of clear “pre cum” texture discharge (barely noticeable unless touched with finger to see if it’s stringy”. Nothing noticeable unless purposely squeezing to check.

I Have also had ache in groin that comes and goes. 
Had ultra sound on 7th January on testicle for a lump, however this was just calcification and got all clear. They checked epididymis as well so hopefully rule out epididymitis.
Should I re-test or test for anything else?

Just want to forget the mistake(s) and move on

25 months ago
Forgot to add, had urinalysis done at GP surgery on 22nd Jan 19 as part of health check, doctor said it was all clear 
Edward W. Hook M.D.
Edward W. Hook M.D.
25 months ago
Welcome to the Forum. I'll be glad to comment.  The two exposures you describe apparently have not lead to any STI and my advice to you at this time is to do your best to stop worrying and move on without continuing concern.  Let me break my advice down in step-by-step fashion.

1.  The exposures.  Protected sex is safe sex and receipt of oral sex is relatively low risk for STI acquisition,  Most commercial sex workers do not have STIs as well. Finally, given that your genital contact was condom protected and your other exposure was receipt of oral, there is no meaningful risk for acquisition of HIV.
2.  Your October 8 symptoms may or may not have been urethritis and I will not chide you on taking antibiotics without knowing whether you needed it or not- you now that was not wise.  The therapy would have cured either NGU or chlamydial infections, as well as much gonorrhea.  that the symptoms resolved is a good sign.
3.  Your tests are negative and should be believed. The timing of testing would provide definitive tests.(all three of them!! - over testing!)
4. Your urinalysis likewise shows no sign of urethritis.
5.  The scant discharge you describe is likely normal genital secretions...or the result of over examination and squeezing.  Stop squeezing and stop the self examination.  If you had urethritis, you would not be wondering.

Bottom line.  You are in the clear.  There is no need for further testing.  Time to move on.  I hope that the assessment I have provided is helpful.  EWH
25 months ago
Thank you Dr Hook for your prompt response.  after reading other posts I was pretty sure that that would be your response but it’s reassuring to hear. I have one last question though which I have not found any relation to on this forum.

I have some groin discomfort, more in the buttock and inner thigh, no testicular pain at all. Is this ever a symptom of an STi? I have put it down to a running injury ( run long distances) but would like some info on this please if this could be a symptom? 

Thanks for your advice, 

Edward W. Hook M.D.
Edward W. Hook M.D.
25 months ago
The sort of discomfort you describe does not raise concern regarding specific STIs and as you suggests, sounds more like an athletic injury than STI symptoms. EWH---