[Question #5020] Redness on top lip lining, pls help

25 months ago

Hello Dr Terri,I am sorry that I aggitated you with my immature questions and behavior. Pls understand that my intention is not to bother you wantedly. Requesting you not to delete this post.Here is a genuine concern I have, I had a painful area on my upper lip on Wednesday and it never blistered but it was red and sore. I tried checking for a any bumps, it looked like there is something inside the lip area but I don’t see it obviously until I touch it and feel it. It did pain slightly but only when I touched it and I had slight itching. I noticed it on Wednesday night and the redness was there for three days and subsided today. When I saw a urgent care doctor he said he is not worried of oral herpes as it did not look so but I have read from your forum many times that we get pimples and they don’t pain and they can be herpes. I am pretty sure I did not kiss anyone after my western blot (which was negative for both 1 and 2 from Washington) since last September other than my wife (whom I have kissed few times). I am sure she does not have herpes. I tried taking pics but not asking you to diagnose based of that as I know you don’t do that but would appreciate if you shed some light on transmission. Here r the pictures of red area on the top lining of my lip which were sore for few days. 


The only exposure I had was to breast and a girl touch my ear front lobe and I noticed a small pimple on back of ear after two weeks (not where she touched) then I had eye irritation in my left eye as I touched the pimple and touched eyes. Following that after two weeks I get this redness on lip. Does this seem to be any concern? What are the modes of transmission for oral herpes?  Does this look like it is herpes any remote chance that it looks so? (The urgent care doc said it does not seem like it to him but I am pretty sure they won’t be as educated as u r in this aspect.) he said they don’t have option to do PCR when I asked him. Pls advise.