[Question #515] Chances of Herpes or any other infection

93 months ago

I had a stiff shoulder so I went to get a massage.  I sat on the massage chair and the person gave massage on my shoulders with bare hands.  And she applied some on the shoulder after using her hands to massage.  I am not sure the cleanliness of the massage masseur and I felt there was some other activities happenings there. 

While she was massaging she touched her face.  I have dry skin and Its extreme dry skin. I might have scratched and caused some marks there where I might get infected.   so I am worried if I will get any bad infection like herpes or something from there. 

I am super worried now... 

Terri Warren, RN, Nurse Practitioner
93 months ago
I honestly don't think you need to be worried about this super.  The kind of contact you describe with the masseuse does not present a risk for contracting herpes.  Genital herpes is contracted through some kind of sexual activity - oral sex or intercourse and oral herpes (cold sores) are transmitted via kissing or giving oral sex.  None of what you describe fits into either of of these kinds of contact.  Even if she touched her face, I don't believe you are at any risk of acquiring herpes in this situation.