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23 months ago
Hi doctors,
I’m here again,I have couples question that need your help!
1.I did a rapid test (Alere Hiv combo and Alere syphillis rapid test) at 46days after my exposure.
Can it be conclusive?  Or I need another test?
2. Today is 73days after the exposure, I don’t have any blister around my mouth and oral. I read some forum post said that it can take 4month to show up if the person didn’t infect HSV before. Is that true? Am I still in risk with HSV? Or I can rule out HSV withou year now?
3. I want to do a HPV genotyping DNA to see if I am infected or not. Can it be conclusive in 75days? Or I better do it at three month?
4. Can body immune system clear out chlamydia without treatment? I get a negative report with my 5days swab test. Just in case it is false negative.

Thanks doctors,
Your previous answer help me a lot 
H. Hunter Handsfield, MD
H. Hunter Handsfield, MD
23 months ago
Welcome back to the forum, but I'm sorry you found it necessary. I reviewed your discussion with Dr. Hook two months ago and agree with all he said.

You had a very low risk sexual exposure, for all STDs, and zero risk for HIV, and you had no symtoms that suggested any STD. There is a medical name for the sensation of throat discomfort, such as feeling that "something" is there but nothing is seen on exam. It's called globus sensation and is almost always due to anxiety.

1) Those test results are 100% conclusive for both HIV and syphilis. No more testing is necessary.

2) You should not be tested for herpes; the risk was too low and the tests are not completely reliable. With no oral herpes symptoms, you can be sure you did not catch it.

3) You definitely should not be tested for HPV. You can assume you already have it -- almost everybody catches HPV, which is normal and expected in all sexually active persons -- and even without oral sex, many people with gential HPV also have oral infections. They make no differnece in health, and nothing can be done even if a test is positive. This is an excellent way to prolong and worsen your anxiety and I strongly recommend agaisnt being tested at 75 days, 3 months, or any other time. A smarter response to your HPV fears would be to get vaccinated to prevent future infection with the HPV types most likely to cause important health problems.

4) Yes, the immune system clears chlamydia over serveral weeks or a few months. I don't know what sort of chlamydia test you had; a urethral or urine test cannot detect infection acquired by oral sex.

You are way overreacting to a sexual decision you obviously regret. You really should move on without further testing.

I hope these comments are helpful. Let me know if anything isn't clear.

23 months ago
Thanks you for your reply Dr HHH
I am not afraid of those bacteria , HIV and  also syphilis now

I am not going to do the HPV test now.
So if I assume I have HPV now, I can functional cure  all types(low risk and high risk)of the HPV within two years?
( I think I have a normal immune system)

Sorry for the HSV question again, did u every see your patient HSV show up after three month for the first time?

They did a swab test in my throat.
And they said I am negative for  chylamydia and gornoheaa. But they didn’t test for  mycoplasma,
So I can clear out oral  mycoplasma by myself either?

Thank you again. So good to have this website!

H. Hunter Handsfield, MD
H. Hunter Handsfield, MD
23 months ago
I'm glad you understand you shouldn't be tested for HPV "now". You should never be tested for it! Just get vaccinated then stop worrying about HPV.

People often show up with first herpes symptoms months or years after being infected. But your risk for HSV was extremely low and this is nothing to worry about.

Sexually transmitted mycoplasmas (such as Mycoplasma genitalium) rarely if ever infect the oral cavity. Oral testing for it is never recommended.
23 months ago
Thank you for your reply.
I find something like a wart under my tongue.
I don’t feel pain or itchy.
The head of this “wart” is “white”.
I can only feel it when it touch my lip.
I don’t have it (or find it) yesterday.
How can I know if it is HPV wart or not without a test? 
What does HPV wart look like in oral
23 months ago
I feel pain (a bit) when I touch it.
Does it have any sign before the wart show up?
H. Hunter Handsfield, MD
H. Hunter Handsfield, MD
23 months ago
Anything that comes up that suddenly cannot be a wart, and warts are always painless. Maybe a blocked mucus gland? Leave it alone -- don't pick it or attempt to squeeze it, etc. If it persists more than a few days, see your doctor.

That completes the two follow-up comments and replies included with each question and so concludes this thread. Repeated anxiety driven questions are not permitted, so please do not be tempted to post any more questions about the same exposure or your STD/HIV concerns about it. Do your best to undertand and follow the reasoned, science based reassurance you have now had on both your threads, and move on with your life.