[Question #5186] Follow-up 4822 (please do not consider as repetitive, need guidance)

22 months ago

Dear Doctors,

I am sorry to request one more time an expert perspective from you. I hope you won’t mind and will be more than grateful if you accept to answer. Please do not consider this question as repetitive. I am fully confident in your expertise and really don’t know who else to ask (my GP not being an HIV/STD specialist).

As already shared, back in April 2018 (exam taken for a completely other purpose than sexual health) my gamma globulin showed a bit lower-than-standard as part of an SPE exam. Dr. HHH told me it was a minor lab variation, with no impact on my recent HIV/STD testing. I do acknowledge and understand all knowledgeable answers I’ve been given from you.

Since then however, my GP asked to repeat the SPE exam to follow evolution (again, not linked to exposure or sexual health). I did, and had two new SPE exams done at two different labs a few days ago. Results confirmed my gamma globulin level is repeatedly lower-than-standard, but rather “stable” compared to last year. All other values are still in the standard ranges, and no anomaly in the curve is reported. I do not develop repetitive infections and I am rather indeed very rarely ill.

The values I got for gamma globulin are the following (standard range indicated 8.0 – 13.5 g/L)

2018 (April): Gamma globulin: 7.4 g/L

2019 (March), lab1: Gamma globulin: 6.9 g/L

2019 (March), lab2: Gamma globulin: 7.8 g/L

My GP wants to further investigate the cause (if any) of these values and ordered some wider lab exams (on-going). I’ll work with her and just stick to her guidance on that.

Regarding my recent HIV/STD testing history, because this tendency for lower-than-standard seems to confirm over time, I just would like to confirm that this won’t change your previous opinions.

1/ May I still consider such values (though now repeatedly obtained) as minimal variation to standard and absolutely not worth worrying about because they cannot affect my body’s capability to build-up enough antibodies for them to be detectable by highly sensitive 4th gen tests in a timely manner, especially for HIV-2 which only relies on antibody detection?

2/ May I still consider all my previous negative HIV and STD (syphilis, hepatitis B and C) testing - all conducted beyond the 3-month marks, as absolutely conclusive?

3/ I took a very final HIV 4th gen test at 24 weeks for definitive peace of mind. May I go at rest, even with this lower Gama globulin level, and definitely forget about HIV-1 … and HIV-2?

Again, please do not consider these questions as repetitive. Those new exams my GP ordered are just waking up anxiety I tended to overcome thanks to you previous precious reassurance and also psychological counseling I started.

Again, I’ll be so grateful if you could spend a very few minutes answering this post.

All my blessings and thank you for being here.

H. Hunter Handsfield, MD
H. Hunter Handsfield, MD
22 months ago
Sorry, but this IS repetative. You do not have HIV, and we do not answer questions unrelated to HIV or STDs. I am not going to help interpret your SPE results, first because it's unrelated to HIV/STD, and second I'm not an expert in interpreting these results. 
They strike me as normal, but beyond that this is something between you and your doctor. 

Future questions along this line will not even receive this much reply, but will simply be deleted. Re-read the closing statement of your previous thread if you need a reminder of the reasons we take this position.

Good luck to you.