[Question #5189] Scared issue

25 months ago
Hello Dr.

Today I had an encounter with a CSW in Canada.  We had protected Oral and vaginal sex.  The CSW had braces and after oral she checked the condom for any tears etc. from her braces.  

After vaginal sex when I was cleaning up I took off the condom and noticed it had torn about an inch above the base (opening) of the condom.  I am quite confident the head of my penis was covered at all times as I didn't notice anything abnormal with the condom until after I removed it.  

I actually filled the condom with water from the sink and it didn't leak anywhere near the tip of the condom.  I am not sure if the tear occurred during vaginal sex or if I may have torn if when I removed it.  

I did ask the CSW about her status and she repeated that she was clean and get s checked monthly.  

I am, being in a long term relationship, freaked out that I have made a huge mistake and may have exposed myself, and others, to some STD.   

What are my risks from this exposure?  Should I get tested?
Edward W. Hook M.D.
Edward W. Hook M.D.
25 months ago
Welcome to the Forum.  I'll be glad to comment.  the exposure you describe was a virtually no risk event.  Condoms remain the most effective means for preventing STI acquisition and are highly effective as long as the condom covers the tip of the penis.  That your condom may have had a tear near the base is not a problem.  In addition I would add that most CSWs do not have STIs, that when people are asked they typically tell the truth, and that even when exposed to an uninfected partner, most exposures do not lead to infection.  I would not be worried about the exposure you describe.

I hope my comment is helpful. EWH