[Question #5221] Cold sore

23 months ago
I’m worried, I did something stupid.  This morning I felt a bump on my lip and knew it was an emerging cold sore.  Not broken out but definitely a bump.  I took a valtrax.    I was playing with my 8 month old and her finger grazed the bump.  I used a wet wipe on her finger as I worry about giving her a cold sore.  I set the wipe aside.  I few minutes later she had a wet diaper.  As I was changing it I wiped her with a wipe.  I then realized I used the same wipe I used to wipe her finger.  Now I’m freaking out worried I passed the infection to her vagina.  How likely is this?  I’m very concerned.
Terri Warren, RN, Nurse Practitioner
Terri Warren, RN, Nurse Practitioner
22 months ago
I think transmission of the virus in this way is extremely unlikely.  The virus does not live long off of the human body and there are chemicals in the wet wipes that would likely kill the virus right away although I'm not certain about the brand that you used but most do.  Also, it takes a certain amount of virus to infect another person and the chance that there would be enough virus present on the wipe, after the things that happened right before that is very close to zero.  I understand that you are concerned, but I honestly don't think that this will result in an HSV 1 infection for your baby.