[Question #5228] Massage with Mutual Masturbation

22 months ago
Hi, I had a massage a couple of days ago that resulted in both of us masturbating each other's penises, and the masseur definitely had his pre-ejaculate on his hands as he stroked my penis.  I've read enough of these questions to see that hand-genital-genital contact is considered safe, but I've seen conflicting responses regarding the pre-ejaculate/semen coming in contact with the urethra and anus.  So three things concern me: 
1. His pre-ejaculate contacting the tip of my penis/urethra. 
2. His pre-ejaculate contacting an abrasion on my scrotum (I shaved my scrotum 3 days beforehand, and I nicked myself in a couple of places. No open wound but a couple of small healing wounds). 
3. His pre-ejactulate contacting my anus (he pressed hard on my hole and very slightly penetrated it a bit once) 

Do any of these 3 activities warrant concern for any STDs/STIs?  I'm not concerned with HIV, but I'm concerned about other STDs/STIs.   

Thank you!
Edward W. Hook M.D.
Edward W. Hook M.D.
22 months ago
Welcome to the Forum.  As you point out, mutual masturbation is safe sex. this is the case even when partners get each others ejaculate or pre-ejaculate on each other, including on the urethral meatus and anus.  Even if your partner was HIV infected and, statistically he is not, this was a no risk event for HIV as wll as for other STIs.  I would not worry and see no medical need for testing related to the event that you describe.  Thus in answer to your questions:

1.  No risk
2.  No risk, even if the nicks were only a few hors old, still no risk.
3.  No risk.  STIs are not transmitted by the transfer of genital secretions on from person to person on the hands.  

I hope these comments are helpful.  EWH