[Question #525] Herpes from handjob experience???

91 months ago
I got a handjob from a parlor. 

I know HIV cannot ne transmitted this way but am scared about herpes. I took 4 tests as follows. 

Day 12. Igg and igm 0.5 (Clinic 1)
Day 16 Igg and igm 0.5 (Clinic 1)
Then took 2 igg tests on the same day from 2 different clinics. 
Day 20 igg only 0.1 (Clinic 2)
Day 20 igg 0.8!!! (Clinic 3)

Q1. Is there any risk of herpes based on hand job alone?
Q2. How can the same test on the same day frm 2 labs bs so different? 0.1 amd 0.8?
Q3. As everyrhing below 0.9 is negative How do ypu interprit 0.1 differently frpm 0.8? Is tjere a suspicious negative?
Q4. How long do i need to use protection to prevent spredding this to my long term partner 
Q5. Is burning skim a sypmtom of herpes/coming?

Please advise what do i do......? Im quite worried.  
Terri Warren, RN, Nurse Practitioner
91 months ago
First of all, you can't get herpes from someone masturbating your penis. 
The test almost always gives different answers from day to day because each time the test is run, it is compared to new samples that are known to positive, negative, etc.  Also, the clinics might be using two different labs, hard to know, but variability is totally normal. 
The difference between 0.1 and 0.8 is a little bigger, but given that activity that you engaged in, there is still no risk.  You have to keep going back to the original risk and getting masturbated by someone, again, is not a risk.  If you did anything riskier that you haven't described here, the I would be more concerned about the 0.8, but if everything you said is accurate then there IS NO WORRY. 
Again, if it was only masturbation, there is no risk to your long term partner
Burning skin, in a person with herpes, can be a sign of an outbreak coming, but your tests indicate that you were not infected prior to this encounter and since the encounter isn't risky, you don't need to worry about the burning skin being a sign of herpes coming on.

91 months ago
Thank you for replying. Just want to clarify one point. The 0.1 and 0.8 results were taken from samplease collected just 30 minutes apart on the same day but different clinics. 

I confirm i did nothing else. She had her clothes on and never touched herself and i dint touch her either. 

But something has triggered something with my skin. Its itchy, burning on the back, neck hands, continously feeling uneasy. I am not imagining this. Is widespread itching and burning a symptom? Its literally feels all over amd when i look at where ita burning or itchy i can see an extremely faint redness that appears to go away soon after. 

I have taken Azithromixin 2g and cefixime just in case for chlamydia , ghonorea, syphillis. Is this a skin reaction to tje mega dose of azithromicine?

Lastly, do i need to retest or use protection with my long term partner for some time? Or are you certain based on my exposure there is just no need. 
Terri Warren, RN, Nurse Practitioner
91 months ago
You do not need to retest or use protection with your regular partner under these circumstances, no
If I had to guess, I would say you are reacting to a medicine that you took rather than anything at all to do with herpes. 
The variability between the lab tests is pretty normal and I would not be concerned about it, giving your activity.