[Question #5316] Follow up - vaginal fluid

21 months ago
Hi Docs, 

Could I just get some clarity and do nexts for my "exposure". I didn't want to ask another question and indeed tried to put it off. I'll try and make it so my questions are of some use to another person like myself. I've been to therapist  yesterday to calm nerves and rationalise this, in addition. 

In short it was 4 episodes of condom protected sex, unprotected oral both ways and my main concern l:

1) That some vaginal fluid was on top if my unretracted foreskin due to rubbing/pressing (but 100% no-penetration, I think it's obvious if it inserts) -  is this no real concern? Reading other threads people mention air and the inability of it outside the body proper to viably infect as factors in this reasoning. 

2) The sore throat I had started on day 6 and persisted until 2 days ago - day 15. About 9 days in total where it felt like tender nodes and the muscles in my frontal neck were sore, one night stabbing. I presume this on its own can't connote  ars? It's the timing that scared me. I never had any fever with this. Ironically my gp has checked my thyroid for this with results in Friday l.

3) Is the ars rash obvious? Anyone can find different redish bits in paler Caucasian skin so I find hard to tell between "normal" contour and an abnormality. 

4) Probably the more personal orientated question. I've avoided spending money getting a PCR/RNA - it costs about £300 in the UK. Would you suggest it for peace of mind, it feels long way to wait for 4 weeks for an ag/ab or definitively for 6. 

I read another user apologise for returning and I likewise feel the same, the goal ultimately would be respectfully not to be back.

H. Hunter Handsfield, MD
H. Hunter Handsfield, MD
21 months ago
I read and understood your exposures and questions last time. Asking the same things with a bit more detail won't change the answers. I haven't changed my mind and suggest you re-read my previous replies.

1) Could such an exposure in theory result in HIV transmission? Yes. Has it ever happened? Not to my knowledge. See previous thread, especially my comments about risk of transmission even with completed vaginal sex with a known infected partner.

2) Symptoms started too soon and are not typical for ARS. Also discussed last time.

3) Yes, rash with ARS usually is obvious. But often no rash at all.

4) I would not spend even £10 for RNA testing in this situation, let alone £300. You can actually have an AgAb test now. If symptoms are due to ARS, the test will be positive (always positive within a few days of start of ARS symptoms). In other words, a negative result will prove HIV is not the cause of your symptoms. You can then also have a 6 week test to prove you did not catch HIV without symptoms.