[Question #532] No Test Yet But Panicked

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100 months ago
Dear Dr Hook, i previously asked a question re fisting and HIV transmission, which you kindly answered.

Due to my Asian location as mentioned before., i have not yet sourced a HIV testing clinic and to be honest i am still trying to sum up the courage.

I acknowledge your extensive decades of expertise, and would not presume to question your assessment but i am of course obsessed by the issue, primarily as my wife's skin issues stare at me daily like a reminder of my stupidity.

I am now in hyper paranoid mode due to her having a single lump of her neck below the skin, which i of course presume is a lymph node, of course i have no medical training and no idea at all, yet presume the worst.

My question (finally) i douched anally 20 minutes before my fingering/fisting event, does this change my risk? I know you said there is no asociation between fisting (protected or nor) and HIV in the absence of anal sex but of course paranoia is rampant.  

In summary, in your years of medical research and experience, has HIV been transmitted in sexual situations via any other means other than unprotected anal or vaginal sex, and perhaps a few extremely rare receptive oral cases? 

Thank you for your patience.  Finally, i will take your answer as final, and getnon with my life. Perhaps psychological counselling is warranted?

Thank you

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Edward W. Hook M.D.
100 months ago
Welcome back to the Forum.  Before I address your question I should point out that Dr. Handsfield and I take questions interchangeably and it was simply a chance event that I happened to get your 2nd post.  That said, I remember your earlier questions and while I applaud your concern for your wife, my assessment has not changed.  Certainly there is a tiny possibility that HIV was spread through the fisting that your received from the CSW but it remains most unlikely and is not a transmission mechanism that has been proven to occur.  Virtually all HIV infections have been and are spread through either unprotected, direct sexual activity or injection/infusion of contaminated blood and blood products.  Rectal douching, even years of it, are not likely to have altered your vulnerability to HIV.  Further, as we have already mentioned, it is unlikely that your partner had HIV to start with.  It is far, far more likely that your wife's dermatologic problems and the lump you describe are unrelated and possibility due to something that you have picked up in Laos.  My advice remains as it was before, get an HIV test- when it is negative, you will know both that you do not have HIV and that you wife's problems are not related to your sexual/fisting exposure with the CSW about two months ago.  EWH
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100 months ago
Dear Dr Hook,

Thank you for your understanding and prompt reply. Please close this thread as i note your response, the likelihood of transmission and will get tested to close the door on this saga.

Thank you again for your time.