[Question #5326] risk of STI

23 months ago
Hi Doctor
I am a male. I met a guy whose STI/HIV conditions were unknown.  We masturbated and i noticed he had pre-cum on top of the penis. He masturbated himself a bit.  Then he used his hand to touch and squeeze my nipple.  i did not notice there is any scratch on the skin around my nipples. But i did feel the skin "burnt" after several minutes.  when i got home i used alcohol swab to scrub skin areas around nipple, and it pained.  i guess there might be some minor scratches that i cannot see. 

My question is considering if the skin around my nipple is not intact, is there any chance to get any STI (including HIV) from him when he touched and squeezed my nipple. I concern so because his finger may have his precum on it.  STI stays in precum - so that is my concern.

Thank you doctor.
H. Hunter Handsfield, MD
H. Hunter Handsfield, MD
23 months ago
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Whether sex is between people of the same or opposite sex, STIs and HIV are not transmitted if there is not direct penile penetration into a partner's vagina, rectum, or mouth; or sometimes direct genital-genital contact without penetration. Hand-genital contact carries no significant risk. Contact of genital fluids with skin anywhere on the body carries little or no risk, even in the presence of superficial cuts, imples, skin irritation, etc.

So you needn't be worried at all, regardless of the irritation (minor trauma?) of your nipples. No penetration means no risk. I don't recommend any testing for any infection on account of these events.

I hope these comments are helpful. Let me know if anything isn't clear.