[Question #5331] anxious for years about HSV2

24 months ago
In 2007 after 3 months of dating, my partner got tested for HSV1&HSV2 ( I am not sure of the specific IGG numbers) but the HSV1 was + and HSV2 was negative,  we ended our relationship 4 months after that and did not sleep together again. 2 years later he tested +HSV2 after stating he had 3-4 other partners within that time and only got tested again because one his partners had a severe herpes outbreak. Flash forward to 10 years later, I have had no symptoms or out breaks and trust me, I have been diligently keeping and eye out and have a yearly gyn exam, have had multiple stressful events including 4 surgeries and my current partner of 6 years has never had a symptom....is it safe to say that his test in 2007 was reliable at 3 months ? Or do you suggest I get tested even though I have never had a symptom?

 I have HSV1 from childhood and get an outbreak every couple years, does this give me a small immunity to acquiring HSV2? 
Does having HSV1 mean that I have a higher percentage of being an asymptomatic carrier? Does it mean that it may take more time to show symptoms in the future?

24 months ago
I appologize it was after 2 months of dating ( 6 weeks) that he got tested and as far as I know at least 6 weeks from his last sexual encounter
23 months ago
Hi, is anyone going to answer this? Thanks!