[Question #54] Exposure question- follow up

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104 months ago

I was helped about a week and half ago by the nurse practitioner.
My question is whether my exposure warrants a full battery of tests. After reading forums from dr. Hook and Dr. Handsfield. They say one single exposure of brief oral (receiving and giving) is not necessary. It's been 20 days since the exposure and no symptoms, and I've been checking every day for any type of sore, lesion, etc. 
let me know your thoughts. Should I stop worrying?
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Edward W. Hook M.D.
104 months ago

Welcome back to our site Chris.  I reviewed your earlier interactions with Terri and agree with her counsel.  First the facts:

1.  It is unlikely your partner had any STI of any sort, you asked her (good job!!) and she said she did not.

2.  Your exposures were oral sex (giving and receiving).  None of us will tell you that oral sex never leads to STI transmission but we are all confident, based on both numerous research studies and years of patient care experience, that among sexual activities, oral sex is the most unlikely means of STI transmission.  In general, the risk of getting an STI from an infected partner (and you have good reason to think your partner did not) through oral sex is in the 1-2% range, at most. 

3.  You are now nearly three weeks out from your exposure.  If you had acquired an STI, and specifically HSV, you almost certainly would have developed symptoms by now.  You have not!  

My sincere and heartfelt advice, based on the information you have provided, is to now STOP checking and STOP worrying.  You did not get an STI from this experience.  Time for you to move forward without further concern.  Please, no more checking.  I hope these comments are helpful to you .  EWH