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22 months ago
I developed a bump on my penis near the base. My first inclination was, it was a hair bump from my routine shaving.  However, over time the bump kept its round appearance and the skin started to flake.  Over the next four going on five years my bump has remained in the same place and roughly the same size for a little flakey skin here and there.
I've gotten married, and of course, we have unprotected vaginal sex and oral sex over the bump.  My wife had our son no problems and her  pap smear didn't reveal any abnormalities or any warts.
For almost 5 years I never thought twice about this bump until I went to a urologist for a different reason (a stricture) he asked me to drop my underwear, I said no problem, he said everything looked fine, except for the small wart on the side of my penis. I quickly rebuttal and say this is a skin tag that's been there for years, he doesn't say anything. I leave the appointment bewildered. Before my PC authorized me to see my urologist, he observes my penis and didn't say anything out the normal along with my other doctors during my time in the U.S. Military till now.
I go to a doctor in town I pay for. I let her know the bump has been there for four years and haven't spread. She observes the bump and says she doesn't think it's a wart, maybe its a skin tag, she leaves and come back and says its too much substance for skin tag, maybe it's a benefit, and we need to do a biopsy. Now I'm frustrated, why did I wait so long to have this bump observed? Why didn't my doctors from the military or my two VA doctors say anything about a possible wart?
I've asked my wife to have another pap in mid-June which she agreed too. Hopefully, everything is fine and she can get the Gardasil shot seeing they increased the age. 

Flesh colored becomes grayish after exiting the shower. Back to brown after is dry
Same spot hasn't spread or gotten significantly bigger in size
Bump flakes some times
Bump is round 
I shave over the bump and have been for four plus years. If I shave to hard the bump bleeds, etc. After removing the flakey skin the bump looks round and more smooth.
To me the bump can have a cauliflower appearance when not shaved over.
Any thoughts?
Edward W. Hook M.D.
Edward W. Hook M.D.
22 months ago
Welcome to our Forum.  I'll be glad to comment.  The lesion you describe does not sound like a wart.  It may be a cyst or other benign lesion - such lesions are very, very common on the genitals.  Your urologist's casual comment that it is a wart may not be correct.  Even if it is however, so wart.  I would encourage you to look at other posts on our Forum.  HPV infections and genital warts for sure are an innocuous nuisance for most persons of no consequence.  In well over 99% of persons they cause no problems and the problems that they do cause, primarily for women, tend to be readily detected over the course of routine sexual health check-ups which include PAP smears.  Your wife has already been exposed so that is no longer an issue- if she were going to develop similarly lesions, it is far, far more likely than not that it would have already happened.  Further, it were a wart, what would you do- is it bothering you (clearly it didn't for several years).  

If I were in your situation, I would not worry about this lesion and would not let the fact that someone called this longstanding lesion a wart bother me in the least.  If that is not something that you are comfortable with, then I would see a dermatologist who may be able to accurately identify what it is or, if you really want, who could biopsy it.

Perhaps I'm missing something here.  If so, please use your up to two follow-up questions to allow me to try to clarify things.  EWH

22 months ago
Thanks for the swift reply. I always thought it was weird if I did have a genital wart, why hasn't the hpv spread to other parts of my midsection and why hasn't my wife since September 2k16 hasn't broke out with the warts, seeing everything I've read thus far says genital warts that are visible are very contagious, during sexual intercourse. I was even asking myself I'm a pretty healthy guy with a strong immune system why didn't my body successfully fight this. However, after your reply, I think I will take everybody's advice on thinking this one lesson that's been here for years in the same spot might not be a wart and if it is. I think I'll be okay. Never crossed my mind in almost 5 years until two weeks ago this could be a wart. P.S. I had a typo in the first post. The MD I paid to see, that I referenced didn't say benefit, she said benign before suggesting a biopsy. All in all, thanks for your services
Edward W. Hook M.D.
Edward W. Hook M.D.
22 months ago
I'm pleased you found my comments helpful. EWH---