[Question #5432] HSV2 exposure and other STD questions

20 months ago

Had passionately made out w/a man & dry humped w/clothes on (him underwear &bball shorts, me thong &cotton shots) who told me he had HSV2 & we stopped. Can I be infected?

I dont know what his levels were.  1.5 yrs ago he had an outbreak that he didnt know what it was & got tested & positive for HSV2.  Since then hes had a few outbreaks , only takes antivirals during them. He didnt have an outbreak during our encounter.

Ive researched all day & has led to more questions.

I had chicken pox as a kid, 14 yrs later had what was thought to be shingles on my rt shoulder that was red, raised, itching &painful.  Went to Dr. 5 days after rash appeareed so testing couldnt confirm, but took antivirals &completed course. Subsided w/in 2 days of txt. Could I have HSV1 or 2 from pox/shingles?

As a kid I had maybe a few episodes of “cold sores” or cuts in the corners of my lips. Does that mean I have HSV1? If most if not all occurred at an age before I wouldve kissed a boy, only family? And never happened again at any age when I wouldve made out?

I get yearly paps/STD testing (never blood tests). Each year told everythings fine. Would all STD testing have been done &would I know if I had HSV 1 or 2, especially w/no outbreaks/ lesions to swab?

The only symptoms Ive seen are small red bumps in pelvic area (I shave) w/no pain/irritation or drainage.

Vag itching from unprotected sex outside in the grass, believed to be a yeast infection &used miconazole, resolved w/2-3 more episodes of itching lasting 1-2 days w/in 3 months of exposure (exposed July 2018, last pap/STD test April 2019).

White discharge occasionally that can be sticky. That normal?

Im paranoid &this current situation has me freaked! Could I have HSV2? Could I have HSV1 w/hx of cold sores? Could I have STDs w/normal paps? Should I retest w/vaginal &blood samples?

Terri Warren, RN, Nurse Practitioner
Terri Warren, RN, Nurse Practitioner
20 months ago
NO!  The situation you describe presents zero risk of acquiring HSV 2 from this man.
And NO, you don't get HSV 1 or 2 from chicken pox, is that what you are asking?  The rash does not sound herpetic to me, especially in the location that you describe.
It's difficult to know if what you describe on your mouth is HSV 1 or not - sometimes cuts in the corner of the lips can be something called angular chelitis. 
The genital bumps sound like folliculitis from shaving to me
If you did have HSV 1 orally, it would be extremely unusual for you to get HSV 1 genitally and to get that, you would need to have received oral sex from someone who is infected orally with HSV 1.
Please let me know what other questions you may have.