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22 months ago
Good Morning

Thank you for this board - very helpful and I thought i can run my scenario by you. 

I had an encounter with an escort. We had a lot of kissing, she gave me protected oral and touched my penis as well, kissed my inner thigh and also during masturbation her vaginal fluids touched my hand (a lot of it) 

I would like to know 

a) During the oral exposure (protected the entire time-  i climaxed outside the condom on her chest  and my penis did  graze her tongue but no longer than 2 seconds) her lips some times touched the back of my penis that was not  covered by the condom (outside the condom)- What risk would i be exposed to on this and how serious would this oral exposure be. Again i was protected through the oral exposure but by back end of the penis I mean where my pubic hair is that is not covered by the condom.

b) Her vaginal fluids from masturbation came into contact with my hand and i used that hand to masturbate myself - What risk would i be exposed to on this occasion. Worried about syphilis as skin to skin?but unsure as may be other as well? 

c)Did her kissing my inner thigh have/create any risk.

d) Maybe be related to C but did kissing in general pose any risk of STD like syphilis or any std

lastly - How high off a risk exposure is this and would you get tested. Little paranoid because of the oral and vaginal fluids exposure.

thank you doctor,
Edward W. Hook M.D.
Edward W. Hook M.D.
22 months ago
Welcome to the Forum.  I'll do my best to help.  As long as your condom remained intact, I would classify the encounter you describe as a no risk event.  Most people, even most CSWs do not have STIs and STIs are more difficult to transmit than most people think.  Even with known, unprotected penetrative exposure to an infected partner typically no more than 20% of men become infected.  I emphasize penetration (as opposed to kissing or touching) because penetration is required for transmission.  Touching and getting an infected person's genital secretions on you does not constitute a risk for STI acquisition- this is so much the case that mutual masturbation in which partners get each others' genital secretions on one another is considered a no risk event for STI/HIV acquisition.  Some investigators have suggested that deep kissing with mouth-to-mouth transfer of infected saliva may lead to gonorrhea transmission but this is controversial and most experts in the field feel that this leads to gonorrhea transmission rarely at most.

With that preamble, let me address your specific questions:
A.  Her lips touching the surface of your penis, without taking it into her mouth would not put you at risk for infection if she happened to have an oral STI.

B.  No risk- see my comment above about exposure to genital secretions.  Syphilis transmission occurs only with DIRECT exposure to an infectious lesion.

C.  No

D.  See my comment above regarding kissing.

Bottom line, you practice safe sex and from a medical/scientific perspective have nothing to worry about.  I see no reason for concern and no medical reason for testing.  I hope that these comments are helpful EWH