[Question #5503] Analingus Worries

22 months ago

Dear all, looking for some support as starting to stress big time.

11 weeks ago stupidly allowed masseuse to perform analingus on me. Maybe 3 days later I started to experience a sporadic clear watery and odorless discharge coming from my anus. No pain / itching still to this day. 

I’ve had three separate blood / swab tests done (the latest after 9 weeks) which have all come back negative. Proctoscope all normal. Yet the symptoms persist.

According to the swab tests chlamidya & Gonorrhea are negative and NSU culture shows no growth.

My doctor is telling me that the symptoms are not sti related and that the timing is a coincidence and perhaps it’s time to have a colonoscopy.

Is he correct and there is nothing sti related to worry about or is he overlooking something?

I’m also experiencing some mild-medium abdominal / stomach pain, could this be related?

H. Hunter Handsfield, MD
H. Hunter Handsfield, MD
22 months ago
Welcome to the forum. Thanks for your question.

Analingus has always been believed to be low risk for all STDs. For example, HIV appears to be rarely if ever transmtted by analingus (in either direction). More recent research has suggested that maybe the risk is higher for gonorrhea and chlamydia than previously thought, but it's controversial. While anal discharge could indicate one of these, the tests are highly reliable so you can be sure that wasn't the problem. (I assume your swab tests were from your rectum. Of course urethral/urine testing cannot detect anally acquired infections.) The normal proctoscopy also is reassuring. There is no reason to suppose the abdominal pain has anything to do with the anal exposure, unless through a psychological connection, i.e. physical manifestations of anxiety.

It sounds like you're in the care of a knowledgeable doctor. I recommend you follow his advice.The only other STD related issue might be to consider blood tests for syphilis and HIV 6 weeks after the event. The chance of either infection is zero or close to it, but you might gain further reassurance from the anticipated negative results.

I hope this information is hellpful. Let me know if anything isn't clear.

22 months ago

Dear Doctor,

Many thanks for the quick reply which is appreciated especially noting that you were working on a Sunday.

Firstly, to respond to your reply 1) yes they were rectal swabs and 2) blood tests at 9 weeks included hiv, syphillis, herpes, hep a/b/c. I’m happy with the blood work so it’s just a possible bacterial infection that’s causing the sleepless nights.

So my questions are as follows:

  1. I’m sure that 3 swab tests can’t be wrong. Is there anything else that could be sexually transmitted i should be asking my doctor to look for?
  2. If discharge were from chlamidya / Gonorrhea could it still be watery, odorless and colorless?
  3. Generally skin all over body has been feeling itchy and have been noticing more pimples / blood spots over the past few months. Assume that this is stress / anxiety, would you agree or could this be a symptom of something else?

I’m sure that I’m no medical anomaly and expect that some symptoms are exacerbated by stress, shame and anxiety, but appreciate your response none the less.

H. Hunter Handsfield, MD
H. Hunter Handsfield, MD
22 months ago
1. I don't see a need for any other testing.

2. Discharge from both infections is highly variable. It could have any of those characteristics.

3. No STD causes such symptoms, which certainly are typical for anxiety.