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20 months ago
Hi, I am a married heterosexual man and On May 8 I made a huge mistake and received unprotected oral sex  from another male. A 28 year old who practices safe sex and told me he gets tested often.  He even brought 2 condoms w him even though we had no intention of anything beyond oral.  It lasted at most 4 minutes but probably less.  I did not ejaculate.  After that we just pretty much had body contact interaction.  

I had zero symptoms as a result.  No burning, no pus, no lesions (except a minor small cut on the base of my penis on about day 10 that went away completely in 5 days - it responded strongly to triple antibiotic ointment).   Despite that not being a STI symptom as far as I can tell it has caused me huge anxiety that lingers to this day June 25.  

On day 25 I developed an ear infection and received amoxicillin 875mg 2x day for 10 days. 

My fear:  I infected my wife w an STI due to  Unprotected vaginal sex.  I stupidly had sex w her 4 days after the event and before my anxiety appeared.     

I went for a rapid HIV test yesterday just to alleviate some anxiety as I know I was not in jeopardy of contracting HIV.   Results, not surprisingly were negative.   I also other got tested for G and C via urine and a blood test for Syphillis.  (As I was writing this, I received a call about syphilis and Hep test -all negative. WHEW).  

My questions:
1.  Did I eliminate any chance of a positive test due to amoxicillin regimen on day 25 effectively making it impossible to know if I ever had the infection and if I passed it on to my wife?  She has not complained about any symptoms of any kind since we had sex (6 weeks ago). 

2.   With no symptoms at all after 25 days can I feel confident I’m in the clear?  Can I move on w my life?  Im pretty rational person but this has got the better of me.  I’m super nervous and it’s dominating my thoughts.   I’m oddly worried about syphilis despite what I’ve learned from your forum.

Thank you and I love the work you’ve all put into this sit   

H. Hunter Handsfield, MD
H. Hunter Handsfield, MD
20 months ago
Welcome and thanks for your question.

Oral sex should be viewed as safe sex:  the risk is low for all STDs (far lower than for vaginal or anal sex) and virtually zero for some, including HIV./ (Apparently you already understand there was no risk of HIV.) Absence of urethral/penile symptoms is pretty good evidence you weren't infected with anything, and it is unlikely you put your wife at risk for anything, especially in view of your just-received negative G and C test results. Your ear infection has nothing to do with STDs or the sexual exposure, but the amoxicillin probably would have curred incipient syphilis if you had been exposed. Your syphilis blood test therefore will remain negative, even if you were infected. But almost certainly you were not. And even if you were, syphilis is not transmissible to partners until a syphilitic sore (chancre) appears, typically 10-20 days after exposure. To your specific questions:

1) Your wife isn't at risk for any STD from the exposure described, including syphilis.

2) Yes, you're in the clear. If you want to dot the i's and cross the t's, you could have anohter syphilis blood test 6 weeks after the exposure (I guess we've already passed that mark, so di ti any time). But this is optional; I wouldn't do it if I were in your situation. Another option would be to speak with your May 8 partner and ask him to be tested for syphilis. If negative, you'll know you were not exposed.

Thanks for the thanks about the forum. I hope these comments have met your expectations! Let me know if anything isn't clear.