[Question #5669] Symptoms Query

21 months ago
Dear Doctors,

This is a follow up to a prior submitted question #5254, but I wanted to focus on my symptoms only.  After the no risk exposure event of the massage (per Dr HHH’s assessment) I had the following symptoms.:  

-2-3 weeks after, a mild sore throat
-Aprox 13-14 weeks after,  random muscle spasms/aches.  The spasm/aches comes along as a sharp pain to the muscle or tendon then the area become sore then in short period of time it goes away.  Shortly thereafter, another muscle or tendon does the same thing.  Always one at a time and in different parts of the body at a time.  This has been happening for 3 weeks now and began again 13-14 weeks after this massage exposure.

My questions are:

1) Is the mild sore throat only at 2-3 weeks  timeline consistent with hiv?

2) Is this kind of random muscle ache that comes and goes at different times and happens in different parts of the body consistent with hiv?  

3) is the timeline between the sore throat (at 2-3 weeks) and then the muscle aches/spasms (at 13-14 weeks) consistent with hiv?

4) My mother just passed away about 4 weeks ago and the spasms started about 2 weeks after, so could the muscle aches be due to the grieving process/stress of her passing?

I took an hiv test yesterday (4th gen) and am nervous about the results coming in several days.  

Thank you so much for your response.
H. Hunter Handsfield, MD
H. Hunter Handsfield, MD
21 months ago
Please accept my sympathies for the loss of your mother. Still, I'm sorry my previous advice didn't stick and that you ignored my closing comment:  "Note that repeated anxiety driven questions on the same topic or exposure are not permitted, so please no further questions about this event, these symptoms, or your HIV fears." And as already discussed, you could not have caught HIV or any other STD from the events described, and thus no symptoms you have are possibly due to HIV or STDs from that event. Thus my comments are brief.

1,2) "Consistent with"? That is, could these symptoms ever occur in someone with HIV? Yes, but not typically. And you do not have HIV.

3) No, the timeline doesn't work well for HIV.

4) Whenever someone suspects his or her own symptoms have an emotional origin, usually s/he is correct. This is a good bet for the cause of your symptoms.

If you remain concerned, I suggest you re-read your previous thread a month ago and do your best to move on without worrry. If you continue to be unconvinced or worried, counseling would be a logical next step to deal with the major stresses obviously going on in your life, including both your anxiety over a sexual decision you apparently regret and your great loss. I suggest this from compassion, not criticism. But this forum cannot help further. Please do not ask any follow-up questions whose answers already are obvious from that discussion or my comments above. 

Good luck--  HHH, MD