[Question #573] Immunodeficiency and hiv test

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99 months ago
Dear Doctors ,
I am writing you second time. 
I was asking you about autoimmune disease and  hiv test, now I spent a lot of time on 
Medhelp and the body and Vancouver AIDS help. 
As I told you before I had protected sex with a lady. I don't now her hiv status. I had after 7 weeks Elisa 3 rd generation ,after 13 months another Elisa 3 rd gen. After 22 months rapid test in ny hospital and after 23 months one more rapid Test in ny hospital, (blood from finger)  all tests are negative. I found on Vancouver AIDS help. 4 disease  can delay antibodies, one of those immunodeficiency, other 3 don't concern me. 
My question is: is it possible I have immunodeficiency disease and I don't know about it. Is immunodeficiency delay antibodies , antibodies cannot be detected? 
What window period for people with immunodeficiency desise? 
I get sick like once a year, is it immunodeficiency?
For 2 years I have sensitive stomach,headache like ones a week. 
My family doctor who did 2 Elisa test, told me 
Your stomach problem comes from your head. 
One more question, 
How can I forget about hiv ? 
I am scared to look on advertising about hiv . 
Now I bought new car, and they give me new plate with h letter. And on and on ...  
Kind regards 
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H. Hunter Handsfield, MD
99 months ago
Wecome back. However, this question repeats the main part of your question a month ago. At that time you asked about autoimmune diseases, this time immunodeficiency. But the answers are the same. Here is the main part of my first reply last time:

You needn't worry; your test results are valid. There are no medical conditions that are known to reduce the reliability of HIV testing, especially now that testing includes direct tests for the virus (p24 antigen or DNA/RNA, depending on the test) in addition to antibody. In theory, certain immune deficiencies could impair development of antibody to HIV, i.e. the body's immune response to the virus. But if that happened, it would INCREASE the detection of antigen or DNA/RNA. Even this has rarely if ever been shown to be an actual problem with any illness, autoimmune or otherwise, or with any medications with the possible exception of very potent chemotherapy and immunosuppressive drugs -- far more potent than anything you are likely to have received. All this is theoretical only.

Please re-read this carefully. I think maybe English isn't your primary language, so be certain you understnad completely.

The on and off symptoms you report are things experienced by all healthy human beings, and do not suggest immunodeficiency. The kinds of immunodeficiency that would cause your tests to be invalid would make you permanently ill with life threatening illnesses, and most people would be dead by age 20. Your tests are valid and you for sure do not have HIV.

I agree with your family doctor that your "stomach problem" is psychological ("in your head"), and your closing comments point to a rather serious psychological problem. You have had repeated, professional, science-based reassurance that you do not have HIV, from both me and your own doctor. It is not normal to remain so fearful and shows a mental health problem, and your next step should be to should talk to your doctor about referral to a mental health specialist. I suggest it from compassion, not criticism.

Best wishes and good luck.   HHH, MD

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99 months ago
Dear Dr.Handsfied. 
Thank you for quick reply. 
I read your answer again, 
I understand it  100% every single word .  I don't have hiv.  :-))
Thank you so much for your help.
I try  to forget about it on my own, 
But I keep in mind your suggestion to see mental therapist. 
Thanks again, 
No more stupid mistakes for sure, 
Like my brother tells me , I am paying for it. 
Thank you, 
We closing this case. 
Kind regards,

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H. Hunter Handsfield, MD
99 months ago
Thanks for the thanks. I'm glad you understand. Best wishes and stay safe.