[Question #5730] HVS 2 Oral ?

21 months ago
Based on what I have indicated below how likely is it that I will infect a women by kissing and having intercourse with out a condom?? The women does not have any type of HVS

I became infected orally with what I believe is HVS 2 while performing oral sex with a woman that didn’t  have symptoms  this was two years ago and I’m afraid of passing this on to another women.  I had a Canker sore in my mouth at that time. 

Afterwards I was sick for over three months with flu like symptoms and still today I feel I have less energy and my immune system is worse. 

During. The first few weeks I had a warm tingly sensation on my penis and it got warm and I had a discharge of some thick substance. 

I also started getting sores around my lips and mouth and later open sores in my mouth that would come and goes very fast. 

I now take L-Lysine twice a day and also rub oregano oil on the Lowe back bone

Currently no sores anywhere and I never had any sores on my penis

Terri Warren, RN, Nurse Practitioner
Terri Warren, RN, Nurse Practitioner
21 months ago
I believe you posted this earlier - I did answer it for you.  Can you see that response?