[Question #5806] Kissing STDs

20 months ago

I live in the UK and gave an unprotected blow job to a TS. It lasted 2 minutes and with no pre cum or ejaculation. There were no other risks associated with the encounter. I am being tested for STDs including HIV

I have sinced kissed two other people and was now wondering what your most recent thoughts are on transferring gonorrhoea via kissing?  I know it’s been heavily speculated but wondered if there has been any more progress in that debate and if you think it’s possible? One of the people I have kissed was diagnosed with severe tonsilitis  and put on a course of penicillin for 10 days (this was 4/5 days after we kissed) I’m aware ghat penicillin won’t clear gonorrhoea if that’s what she has. Can you let me know your thoughts.?
Edward W. Hook M.D.
Edward W. Hook M.D.
20 months ago
Welcome to our Forum.  I'll be glad to comment. The topic you raise is, as you point out is currently being debated.  In fact, just two weeks ago I published a paper in Lancet Infectious diseases calling for more research on the topic and stating that I was skeptical that kissing was responsible for much gonorrhea transmission.  Here are the highlights of what is known. and my suggestions for you:
1.  A group of Australian investigators believes very strongly that "deep" or "French" kissing with saliva exchange can account for a large proportion of gonorrhea infections among men who have sex with men.  Their argument however is only somewhat supported by data.  I personally suspect that which kissing may RARELY account for some gonorrhea transmission it is relatively rare and inefficient.
2.  No one suggests that superficial kissing without saliva exchange results in gonorrhea transmission.  
3.  You do not know that your partner had gonorrhea of if she did, that you acquired it.
4.  Most gonorrhea of the throat is asymptomatic.  Thus your friend's tonsillitis is unlikely to be due to gonorrhea.  Penicillin is probably the right choice of therapy. (and would cure over half of gonorrhea even at this ti me)
5. THEREFORE, before you worry further, my sincere advice is to go to a local sexual health clinic and get the throat swab for gonorrhea.  If the test is negative, I would worry no further.  I suspect this is the most likely outcome for you.  

I hope this information is helpful.  I suspect you do not have gonorrhea of the throat and therefore need not worry about transmitting it to others.  EWH