[Question #5824] [Question #5331] anxious for years about HSV2- additional questions

21 months ago
Hi Terri,
I didn't know my question would close after a certain amount of time. I did have some additional questions after thinking about your response

1. What percentage of people with HSV1 are truly asymptomatic for HSV2, I have read a lot of studies on people just not recognizing symptoms and therefore not seeking care, so I wanted to know how many people are truly asymptomatic

2. If I was to have a mild symptom at some point in my life, could I expect to have that same symptom again,  I know for people with HSV2, once they have symptoms they usually continue to get them sometimes 2-4 times a year, would this be the case for me someone who does not take an antiviral or any medication 

3. If I did infact have HSV2, asymptomatically or symptomatically and had been sexually active with my husband now for 6 years ( no protection, no antiviral meds), how likely would it be that he would then acquire it as well? ( he has had no symptoms has I previously said in my last post). I do know the statistics in research studies regarding shedding in between outbreaks but this isn't much data on if a person doesn't have outbreaks or is asymptomatic. 

4. In terms of the IgG test, do you recommend this for someone like me? ( judging from my previous post) as I plan on becoming pregnant soon ( I think this is what is driving the recent anxiety)

5. If a persons last possible exposure date was 3 months at the date of their IgG test but they have their first symptomatic outbreak at the time of the blood test would the seroconversion still be accurate?

I have a great amount of anxiety/OCD surrounding this and I appreciate your clinical opinion.
21 months ago
6. If a person has diagnosed HSV2 and engages in mutual masturbation ( without active lesions) is this a risk factor for transmission
Terri Warren, RN, Nurse Practitioner
Terri Warren, RN, Nurse Practitioner
20 months ago
1.  We don't have data on what percentage of people with HSV 1 are asymptomatic when they acquire HSV 2.  We do know when they acquire HSV 2, they are less likely to have dramatic symptoms and more likely to have minor outbreaks OR no symptoms at all.
2.  Symptoms can vary so greatly between people - a person might have a mild symptom and never again have any symptoms or they could go on to develop symptoms 10 times a  year - there is just no consistency there.
3.  The transmission rate is about 4% per year (4 men out of 100 would become infected) with no meds and no condoms BUT that is a group of survivors - people who make it past the first 3=6 months with no transmission.  Your husband is certainly past that point IF you are infected.
4.  If knowing your status more clearly would reduce your anxiety as you enter a pregnancy, then do it.  If you have a low positive result (1.1 to 3.5) you will need a confirmatory test.
5. The timing of the first recognized possible outbreak is not as relevant as the three months time frame having passed.
6.  NO