[Question #5830] Risk Assessment

21 months ago
So recently I had an encounter with a female (late 20s) from an adult dating site.  She performed unprotected oral, we both mutually masturbated. Which I know neither of those are a major risk.  There was also some genital to genital to contact (rubbing outside) and maybe the very very slightest penetration for a very few seconds.  This wasn't a just the tip or a whole dip for a few goes but just very bit of the outside.  

Is there any significant risk worth testing over? 
Edward W. Hook M.D.
Edward W. Hook M.D.
21 months ago
Welcome to the Forum.  I happened to be on the Forum soon after your question arrived so you are getting a response somewhat more quickly than is typical.  Bottom line, there is no meaningful risk for HIV from any of the activities that you describe.  To expand on this:

1.  Odds are that your partner did not have HIV or other STIs, most people did.
2.  The risk for acquisition of HIV or other STIs varies with the type of exposure but  there are NO sorts of sexual exposure in which the majority of persons exposed a single time become infected.
3. Regarding the activities you describe:
     A.  Receipt of oral sex.  There are no proven cases of HIV acquired through receipt of oral sex (fellatio).  There is a small risk for acquisition of common STIs such as gonorrhea if your partner was infected but these STIs are typically symptomatic within a week of exposure.  If you are not obviously symptomatic, I would not worry.
     B.  Genital/genital rubbing (frottage) is a no risk event for HIV and STIs.  
      C.  Mutual masturbation is a no risk event, even if partners get each others' genital secretions on one another.  
4.  It is most unlikely that meaningful penetration occurred.  If it had, you would have known it.

From my understanding of the events you describe, I see nothing to worry about and no need for testing.  I hope that this assessment is helpful to you. EWH