[Question #5855] Is this std infection pls help

20 months ago
I am a male in long  monogamous relationship with a girl and we don't have any std issues as tested. I didn't have any sexual encounters in last 6 months.

Last 11th Sunday I went to a std Checkup in private hospital and doctor was only there. 
After the 4th patient I entered the doctors room and talked with him around a minute. Then he ask to lie on medical bed to check my genitals.  

First I lowered my trouser, underwear and lie on my bare back on the bed, he checked my uncircumcised penis and asked me to bent over in a kneel down position to check my anal area. Without thinking I touch my anal area to pin point a pimple I have near anus. 

On 12 Monday early morning I felt sharp running pain inside my right leg artery near thigh. Later on the day I feel fatigue mild cold, bloating stomach. Mild back and joint pain. 
Also From Monday I notice a intermittent mild burning like pain in Penile head after pee.  Also penile head skin become more sensitive and irritate when I touch or it touches underwear but intermitently. 

I remember previous  medical bed cover was not replecaed before I lie down on the bed. Doctor should do it but he missed it.  But Doctor had new gloves on. 

1. As I lie down on same bed sheet which touches my bare skin can I get a std infection.. Can I get a std infection from  std medical checkup used bed sheet direct touch of bare skin. 

There can be invisible body fluids from the previous patients on the bed cover

2. I toch my anal area with my hand after touch the bed sheet. Can this Infect me with a std. 

3. I am really worry because I suddenly get these std similar symptoms after Std check up on sunday.  I think hiv risk is very low. But what about hsv, syphilis. Chlamydia or gonoria. Please help me. And when should I do testing if needed. 

Also this article say so 

I am out side USA and Europe but this hospital is a quite good one. 
20 months ago
Also sharp running pain in the right leg artery under thigh keep coming and going  back time to time. 
Edward W. Hook M.D.
Edward W. Hook M.D.
20 months ago
Welcome to our Forum and thanks for your confidence in our service.  I'll be glad to provide some information.  The internet and Google are not your friends here.  While the internet is a great communications tool, when it comes to risk for HIV and for STIs, it is not a reliable source of information.  Much of what is to be found there is either out of date, taken out of context, or simply and completely wring.  The statement that you reference above is wrong.  Not STIs are transmitted through contact with inanimate objects or through transfer of infectious material from one person to another on someone's hands.  The symptoms that you describe in no way suggest any STI.  

In answer to your specific questions:
1.  No, even if a bedsheet or examination table have been contaminated with an STI, lying on it would not lead to infection.
2.  No, touching your anus with your hand after touching a contaminated sheet or table would never lead to infection.
3.  No risk for HIV, gonorrhea, chlamydia, syphilis or any other STI.  No testing is needed.  Testing would be a waste of time and money.

I hope that this information is helpful to you.  EWH
20 months ago
Dear Doctor 
Thank you for your valuable answer. 

I am really stressed out due to a another incident occurred today. 
I have a friend acquired  hsv 2 genitally for 6 months. 
My male friend masterbated and wiped the  ejaculated semen with a clothe after ejacuation and kept it on the floor near bed. 

Exactly within 5-10 minutes  after he wiped his semen with this clothe, I entered his room and accidently move that same clothe with barefeet to a side. My left leg feet and toes  had touched the clothe for around 10-15 seconds. 
When my friend check there was still undried sperm on the clothe. 

1.Can this tramit hsv to me and infected my feet or toes with hsv virus?

2. Can there be virus on the tile floor where clothe was which can infect me 

I am really worried because there was undried sperm on that clothe.  I didn't touch it with my hands. 

Really sorry if I am anot following follow up question guidelines but I asked this due to high stress. 

Edward W. Hook M.D.
Edward W. Hook M.D.
20 months ago
Touching a piece of cloth which may be contaminated with ejaculate from a person who has HSV-2 is a no risk event for herpes, as well as for other STIs, including HIV.

1.Can this tramit hsv to me and infected my feet or toes with hsv virus?

 2. Can there be virus on the tile floor where clothe was which can infect me 
See above.  contact with any virus, either on the floor or on the cloth will not lead to infection.  

No need for concern, no need for testing.  EWH