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18 months ago
Hello Doctors,

Sorry for my third and last question but i wanted to learn more regarding some tests in my Country. We do not have experts and STD clinics here and just wanted to know which tests might be good to retest in future.

I have tested with Culture (swab on my urethra to collect sample ) after my antibiotics. Also my girlfriend tested the same way swab on her cervix. She never took any antibiotics. I do not know what test they performed but as i heard Culture for bacteria. Can i take the culture test in consideration? Here we do not have any Naat.

I found a clinic that collect sample from urethra with a cotton swab and they culture and test with PCR. Is this PCR okay to test ?

What can you suggest me please. My girlfriend dosen't have any symptoms and i didn't trust thoose test with swab and culture.

As i said from previous post. Times times ago i had a condom broke and never tested because didn't knew much about asymptomatic. 2 month after the broken i started to experience high fever and hard right side testicles pain and Wbc urine, no discharge! The urologist examine and prescribed me Cipro, told me inflammation of prostate and maybe some bacteria, and symptoms went way. But i never tested that time and never knew what was that. But later later after oral exposure i was diagnosed with E.coli. So in total i took Cipro for 5 days, Doxy for 14 days, Bactrim for 7 days and Flagyl for 2 days. I want to retest for other parasites like M.Genitalium, and Trichomoniasis, because this where culture tests and not many accurate as i think.

Sorry for bothering you Doctors.

Wish you a good day.
H. Hunter Handsfield, MD
H. Hunter Handsfield, MD
18 months ago
Welcome back, but I'm afraid this forum cannot help you any further. As discussed in reply to your previous two questions, it seems almost certain that you never had any STD, but a nonsexually acquired UTI. Your sex contacts with other people are irrelevant and have nothing to do with that problem. Whatever STD tests have been done recently, you can expect the results to be negative. You do not need any additional STD tests of any kind, both because there is no evidence you caught any STD and because the treatments you had would have cured any bacterial STDs you could have acquired -- so even if I am wrong, and you initially had an STD in addition to the UTI, it is now gone. We don't speculate on causes of non-STD genital symptoms.

Best wishes to you.

18 months ago
I really appreciate your response!

To be honest, after the broken with the csw, and symptoms that appear 2 month later with strong testicles pain,fever and wbc all i have read explains Chlamydia, but might be E.coli, who knows!

Anyway, just wanted to understand more regarding the test urethra swab (cultured test with PCR) if it is a good test and a accurate test, if i want to be tested in the future.

This is my last post, and replay!

Thank you and ASHA for helping a lot of people here!

Best wishes.

H. Hunter Handsfield, MD
H. Hunter Handsfield, MD
18 months ago
Many genital infections cause exactly the same symptoms. You cannot assume chlamydia (or gonorrhea) as the cause just because of symptoms. Your UTI symptoms indeed were the same as gonorrhea or chlamydia, but you definitely had an E. coli UTI, not an STD.

All PCR tests are highly accurate. If negative for gonorrhea and chlamydia, you can rely on the results.
18 months ago
Thank you Doctor,

Before you close this thread if it's possible to ask you one last question. I have tested 7 month after vag exposure, and the major infections result are as below:

HSV-2 Igm ( i know poor test but never i never noticed any blister ) 
Result 5.69 Au/ml 
Reference <20 Negative.

HBsAg - Result 0.409 index/ml 
                    Reference <Neg 0.9 Negative

HCV Igg - Result 2.236 index/ml
                       Reference <20 Negative

HIV Ag/Ab Combi
Result 0.543 Au/Ml - Reference 0-1 

Method used is Serum/Clia.
Are this test okay? Because i can see some low numbers on my result but i expect them to be 0.

Thank you for your outstanding job! 
H. Hunter Handsfield, MD
H. Hunter Handsfield, MD
18 months ago
All these tests use the technology called enzyme linked immunoassay (ELISA). With ELISA testing, the result is never zero. The numbers are not measurements of the amount of antibody detected. Any number below the reference cut-off, as all yours were, indicates no antibody present, i.e. totally negative.

That completes the two follow-up comments and replies included with each question and so ends this thread.

There is no "3 questions" rule as your opening comment replies. But there is a policy against repeated questions on the same topic. This being your third, it will indeed have to be your last. Additional ones would be deleted without reply (and without refund of the posting fee). Thanks for your understanding. I hope the discussions have been helpful.