[Question #5900] Spotting Concern

18 months ago

Its been awhile since i’ve asked a question. Unfortunately last week I drank a little too much and the night was kind of blurry. This really upset me and my ocd and has had me reeling with anxiety. My friends have assured me nothing happened, but my ocd is relentless and wants me to think i had sex willingly or not and just don’t remember. I  am working through it with my therapist as I type.

However, last week, i had very light bleeding for a couple days. It was brown in color, sometimes pinkish. Since i have an iud, i thought maybe that was my period. However, this morning i woke up to bright red bleeding that was a bit heavier. It seemed more period like. But my anxiety grasped on and made me wonder if its normal.

If my ocd is right for once and something happened when i was drunk, this would be about 6 days after a possible exposure. 

Would this bleeding be cause for concern? Is it possible that this is my period and the spotting i had last week (before the night out) was just old blood clearing out?

How soon after an exposure would an sti cause vaginal bleeding? Is vaginal bleeding a common first symptom of Hiv?

Its important to note i was tested  about a month ago for ghon/chla and was all negative. And received a rapid hiv test Monday which was also negative. I wanted to get a baseline hiv test for the future if needed. Ocd is a shitty disorder. 

Any insight you have would help greatly. Thank you so much for all you do!
Edward W. Hook M.D.
Edward W. Hook M.D.
18 months ago
Welcome back to the Forum.  I see it has been about 8 months since you were last here- I congratulate you on your efforts to address your OCD with your therapist and encourage you to keep it up.

As your friend have already told you, it is unlikely that you had sex last week while drinking and would be totally unaware of it.   Thus an STI likewise is unlikely.  you are correct that STIs such as chlamydia can occasionally lead to spotting or intermenstrual bleeding but so can lots and lots of other causes, including an IUD.  While most STIs in women are asymptomatic, were symptoms to occur, their onset would typically occur in the 1-2 weeks after exposure.  OTOH, bleeding/spotting is not a sign of recent HIV.  

I hope this information is helpful to you.  My sense is that your insights into your OCD, along with the support of your therapist and friends, will help you address it.  EWH