[Question #5940] Worried about strip club exp.

17 months ago
Hi Drs.,

I visited strip club in slightly inebriated state where I received a private lap dance for around 12 mins. I touched and rubbed her butt and her breasts. She rubbed her head and her butt on my genital area while I was clothed with jeans and boxers. She did take off her panties for a while but I did not finger her vagina or her rectum. But I might have rubbed area close to her anus. Though I was inebriated, I was fairly certain nothing else happened in terms of direct contact. I returned to my hotel and urinated (possibly without washing hands). Then I washed my hands with normal hotel soap and masturbated for 3-4 mins.
1. What are the chances of catching any STDs from this exposure? Particularly worried about skin-skin like HPV, HSV and Syphilis
2. Could I have had residual infection of my hands and transfered it to my penis when I masturbaed?
3. I got more concerned when I went back to urinate after masturbation and saw a long lady hair in the pot. I had already taken off my clothes so I was worried if her hair somehow got inside my boxers, and it means increased likelihood of getting infected ? 

I am about to be married in a couple weeks and am really worried. Do I need any testing?

Thanks a lot.
H. Hunter Handsfield, MD
H. Hunter Handsfield, MD
17 months ago
Welcome to the forum. Thanks for your question. It's a very common one, so my comments below are succinct. For more discussion, use the forum's search forum and enter terms like "strip club", "hand-genital contact", and so on.

STDs are rarely if ever transmitted by the sorts of contact you describe. Even the busiest STD clinics never see infected patients whose only exposures do not include actual sex, i.e. a penis inside a partner's vagina, rectum or mouth. And for sure no STDs can be transmitted through clothing. That some STDs are transmitted by skin-skin contact doesn't mean that any and all skin contact is risky. STDs in general are difficult to transmit -- which is why they are STDs to begin with. If more casual contact could transmit them, they would be transmitted in nonsexual social settings, which doesn't happen.

Those comments pretty well cover your specific questions, but to assure no misunderstanding:

1) Zero risk for all STDs, including the ones you mention.

2) There is no possibility of STD bacteria and viruses surviving on your fingers or hands for them to later be transmitted to the genital area.

3) Undoubtedly the hair was your own, but even if it came from the strip club worker, it doesn't imply elevated STD risk.

Assuming this is your only potential risk exposure, you can move on without worry and without testing, and can safely marry as planned. Of course if you have had other sexual experiences (with real sex) in the past and have not been tested, you should have standard STD testing (gonorrhea, chlamydia, syphilis, HIV) before marrying.

I hope these comments are helpful. Let me know if anything isn't clear.

17 months ago
Thanks a lot Dr. HHH.

I found another long strand of hair in the toilet today morning ( it's not mine since it's very long). I am assuming that hair got stuck to me/my clothing during the dance, and nothing more happened. I for sure did not pay more than standard price.
I also have 3-4 light orangish colored stains on my shirt. I hope it is food or something else. If it were blood, would it mean any STD risk ?

I have been tested for everything, including HSV with negative results. This is my only exposure after last testing, which was several months ago. Do you think I am in the clear regarding testing requirement, and can have unprotected sex without worry ?

17 months ago
Also I had one question regarding oral testing for STDs. Is swab testing for Chlamydia/Gonorrhea recommended as part of STD checkup? I have never performed oral sex on anyone, and have not deep kissed anyone since last 6 years. My only oral exposures have been sucking the breasts/nipples couple of times, and light kissing on the lips (closed mouth). 
Should I get tested with oral swabs? I have never been tested for that. 
H. Hunter Handsfield, MD
H. Hunter Handsfield, MD
17 months ago
I'm not sure why you're obsessed with the hairs you have seen or "orangish colored stains on [your] shirt", or why you imagine they might imply risk that wasn't there. These things don't change the fact that you were not at risk for any STD during the events described.

Testing for oral gonorrhea or chlamydia is only done in persons who have had oral sex with potentially infected partners. You did not (and apparently never have), so of course no need for testing.

That completes the two follow-up comments and replies included with each thread and so ends this discussion. Please don't ask again about this event and STD testing because of it. There is no information you can provide, or scenarios you will think up, that would change my opinions and advice. Do your best to accept the reasoned, science based, expert advice you have had and move on without worry. Best wishes.