[Question #5944] Oral exposure

17 months ago
Hello doctors, and thanks for your help. I’m a 40 year old men, I went to a strip club 8 days ago and I ended up with a Colombian 22 year old girl. 
I am very aware of the risks of sexual encounters, so I decided to be very careful. The thing is that she performed oral sex on me using a condom, but before puting my penis in her mouth, she briefly lick the tip of my penis touching meatus. My penis never enterered into her mouth. After that (20 seconds) she performed oral on me protected and we had fully protected intercourse.
I’ve always thought I never had a risk from that exposure so I resumed unprotected sex with my regular partner 5 days after. I felt fine. 
But is there any STD that the stripper could have passed me?
I have had a story of prostatitis (CPPS) and now (8 days after) the mild symptoms that I always have are growing. Now I feel pain in the urethra, around de testicles and bladder. I had to take a pill to go to sleep. No discharge. No burning when passing urine, but yes a few minutes after.
What do you think? Did I put my partner at risk? Do I have to be tested for NGU, Gono/Chlam?? I believe thouse bacteria couldn’t be passed if the penis does not enter the mouth... Thanks for your help!!! 
Edward W. Hook M.D.
Edward W. Hook M.D.
17 months ago
Welcome to our Forum.  I'll be glad to comment and congratulate you on your commitment to safe sex.  From your description, I would not be worried in the least about STIs from this exposure.  Licking the tip of the penis should not cause infection and condoms that are worn throughout sex are highly effective for STI prevention.  Further, statistically it is unlikely that your partner had an STI (most commercial sex workers do not have STIs) and even if she did, even most unprotected single exposures to infected partners do not lead to infection.  

I suspect that the discomfort you are feeling may be due to your CPPS, possibly amplified by any anxiety you may have over the exposure you described.  The symptoms you describe are also not symptoms of STI.  I am confident that you did not put your regular partner at risk due to the events with the casual partner you describe and would not worry.  I see no reason for testing related to that exposure.  I hope that my comments regarding this are helpful to you.  EWH