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19 months ago

I’ll try to get straight to it.  I’m a male and about 3 weeks ago I was in a strip club and touched a stripper.  This is what I did:

She touched my hands, rubbed my neck and shoulders with probably the same hands she touched other guys and herself with (previous  customers)
0. I got behind her as she was on all fours a couple times fully clothed. Like a fully clothed doggy position.
1. Touched /caressed her butt and boobs several times.
2. She sat in my lap several times and I noticed her back was kinda sweaty and it got on my arm. - one of my main concerns.
3. We talked and I believe I felt a speck of some saliva that may have hit my eye. - one of my main concerns.
4.  When I left I forgot to wash my hands and used the restroom and touched my penis with the same hands I touched her with (pre cum was visible at the top due to being turned on previously.
5. She told me she has done it with a women before so I’m trying to see if she possibly had hiv or something.

6. Can I continue sex with my wife?

7. I noticed I had some random pulling/aching in random parts of my body that has pretty much went away. I  did paint a room prior to me feeling that way a week earlier and wasn’t sure what it was related to that.  Please help.

I’m just trying to move forward and not worry so your help is much appreciated.

H. Hunter Handsfield, MD
H. Hunter Handsfield, MD
19 months ago
Welcome to the forum. Thanks for your confidence in our services.

Your worries are over. Nobody ever gets any STDs without real sex:  unprotected penis inside a partner's vagina, anus or mouth. These were entirely risk free events. That simple statement pretty well covers your questions, but to assure no misunderstanding:

1,2,4. No risk at all.
3. STDs are not transmitted by saliva, in the eye or anywhere else. (That's one reason even unprotected oral sex is very low risk for STD.)
5. Sex between women is generally low risk. For example, HIV rates are lower in lesbians than from heterosexual sex.
6. You can continue unprotected sex with your wife with no fear and no worries. That's what I would do if somehow I were in your situation.
7. Neither HIV nor any other STD causes such symptoms. They are typical for the physical manifestations of anxiety.

There is no need for testing for any STD. You were not at risk. Don't worry about it!

I hope these comments are helpful. Let me know if anything isn't clear.