[Question #5987] Q5954 & 5951 follow-up - parasites

20 months ago
Dear Drs Hook & Handsfield,

Thank you very much again for your responses, and for providing me with great reassurance. Sorry I just had one further follow up on Q5954 & 5951.

I neglected to mention my girlfriend who visited my family relatives for a day-visit last year (including my 5yr+ old cousins) is from a remote village in Thailand. So as well as bloodborne/STDs I wanted to check about the risk of transmitting parasites etc? I realise these are not primarily STDs but wanted to ask you the following questions - given your expertise as infectious disease specialists:

1. I.e. so am I correct in thinking the risk of transmission to children (my 5yrs+ old cousins) and also adults from my girlfriend (assuming she was infected) of parasites from a single 1-2 day visit to my cousins’ house would be in the same range risk, ie over 1 in 100,000? This again just involves normal contact between my girlfriend and my cousins (5yrs+ old in age) including playfighting etc, and normal interaction with other adults.

2. Am I correct the risk of parasite transmission from my gf to my parents and sister of living with them for 1-2 months would be the same/lower than bloodborne/STD, ie <1% overall as you previously advised in Q5532?

3. I’m right that again that there are no medical conditions or medications (including DCD or Crohn’s disease, lung/asthma disease/oral and inhaled steroids/bronchiectasis  and blood clotting disorders etc) wouldn’t impact your answer to Q1 & Q2 above?

Thank you so much again kind Drs.

20 months ago
Also sorry just to add  for Q2 above - this was <1% overall risk of transmission when the person (my gf) was infected, and as in #5532 includes sharing of razors/toothbrush/bedsheets and other (non-sexual) household objects. So for Q2 wanted to confirm the same response from Dr Handsfield would hold for parasites? Thank you again
Edward W. Hook M.D.
Edward W. Hook M.D.
20 months ago
It saddens me deeply to see you back on our Forum.  Your obsession of risk for STIs and now parasites, relating in particular to your GF is concerning.  As Dr. Handsfield has already told you, if you have concerns about your GF, the starting point is for her to be evaluated for whatever concern you have (now or next).  In the interim however asking about casual transmission through household contacts is paranoid, unwarranted and suggests a fundamental distrust of the person you refer to as your girlfriend.  I urge you to work through this with a trained mental health professional/counselor, not to be returning here with additional fanciful concerns.   The fact that the visit was for one day and occurred a year ago makes this even more concerning. I say this out of concern for you, your own mental health, and your relationship.    

I.  Parasites of the sort encountered in Thailand are not transmitted through casual contact no matter how long.  Her visit was not a risk to anyone.
2.  Correct 
3.  Correct.

This   ends this thread.  Further repetitive, anxiety fueled questions on transmission of infections through casual, household contact will be handled similarly or deleted without reply.  EWH