[Question #602] follow up to Question #520 - possible std risk ..test results

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98 months ago

 I got myself tested for chlamydia and gonorrhea ( 2 weeks after exposure) which came back negative . I also got the HIV-1/O/2 Antigen/Antibody (Fourth Generation) Preliminary Test With Cascade Reflex to Supplementary Testing    at 3 weeks and 6 weeks from Labcorp and both them were negative. The  RPR for syphilis at 6 weeks also was negative. the only abnormal thing  was in Urinalysis Specific Gravity <=1.005 . Also, for the foreskin irritation doctor gave NYSTATIN and that seems to have helped.. About 2 weeks ago ( 4-5 weeks after exposure) came down with fever, cough sore throat, white spots in tounge  etc..the fever went  up till 103 but went away after 2 days however the dry cough is still there and some white spots on tongue . went to the doctor  and he said it is viral but still very worried about the persistent cough as it is close to 15 days now..

Question - Should I be retesting for HIV at 12 weeks ? Also, should I be testing for any other STDS like Herpes (Oral and Genital) , hepatitis or any other STD based on exposure risk.  And is there any thing to be worried about low specific gravity


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Edward W. Hook M.D.
98 months ago

Welcome back to our Forum.  Dr. Handsfield and I answer questions interchangeably and I happened to pick up your question today.  I have reviewed your earlier interchange with Dr. Handsfield and agree with all that he has already said. 

As Dr. Handsfield told you, the exposures you described were very low risk for acquisition of STIs, including HIV.  Your gonorrhea and chlamydia test results are definitive and there is no need to repeat those tests.  Similarly, both your 6 week 4th generation HIV test and your RPR test are also definitive and need not be repeated.  There is no need for further (12 week or beyond) testing for HIV or any other STIs you were already tested for. 

I see no need for testing for herpes in the absence of an outbreak and hepatitis is likewise most unlikely and need not be tested for.  My advice is for you to not worry further related tot he exposures you described in your original post and to go forward with confidence that you did not acquire any STI.  I see no need for testing or any sort.

Finally, regarding the specific gravity of your urine, this value tends to vary depending in your state of hydration and fluid intake,  There is nothing to worry about related to a specific gravity of <1.005.  This result simply means that  you were well hydrated at the time the specimen was collected.

I hope these comments are helpful.  Take care.  EWH