[Question #6064] Smelling Friends Finger

17 months ago
This weekend I was at a bachelor party. I am a 32 yr old Married man in general good health. I did have some blackout moments while binge drinking but can be sure I remained faithful. 
However, a friend of mine did end up fingering a girl while there and after rubbed his finger above my upper lip and told me to smell it and did come in contact with my nose. This was Saturday night and tonight is Monday. 
I noticed today on the tip of my nostril a slightly raised red bump that is mostly on the outside. Its red and almost a bit rough to the touch. It burns when I touch it but not too bad. I haven't really had any tingling sensations in the area just burning when touched. I did not notice it fill up with any type of fluid (blistering) and did try to pop it wondering if it was a pimple, but didn't resemble one. Obviously I'm concerned about an STD or else I wouldn't be here.  Could herpes be transferred from the vaginal fluid on my friends finger to my nostril by him wiping it on there if the girl did have herpes?
Terri Warren, RN, Nurse Practitioner
Terri Warren, RN, Nurse Practitioner
16 months ago
The situation that you describe is NOT a risk for any sexually transmitted infection.  To contract herpes, a substantial amount of virus must be present and in the situation that you describe, there would not be enough virus present for transmission, but he would have had to catch her RIGHT when she was shedding virus which in itself is very unlikely.  And the finger is NOT a method of transmission.  I think you should feel reassured that what you are experiencing is not new herpes.  Have you ever in you life had a cold sore on your lip or in your nose?