[Question #6148] Testing Following HIV Risk from CSW ? (Follow Up to #6088]

18 months ago
Hi Doctors

I have a follow-up testing question to those asked and answered previously and specifically the need for further testing for HIV following a possible exposure.

Additional Information;

  1.  Around 5 months ago saw an Immunologist following onset over the previous 6 months or so of hive like symptoms on occasion.   The specialist diagnosed this as an immune system over-active/sensitive  immune system  ( a consequence of a serious post-op  infection  I recovered from around 1 year ago) which was flaring up  from time to time.   He expected the propensity of the symptoms to flare-up reduce over time which has been the case (last outbreak, which was minor around 2 months ago ) and prescribed an anti-histamine to use if needed.
  2. My symptoms (sore throat, rash) have not resolved although throat less sore
  3. A couple of bad night sweats in last few of days

  • Given the above but (1) in particular, is there  any reason to modify the assessment in previous thread that negative results (in combination) at 21.5 days  are conclusive and that no further testing needed?  That is, does an over-active/sensitive immune system affect either the Ab/Ag or RNA test result?
Thanks again 

Edward W. Hook M.D.
Edward W. Hook M.D.
18 months ago
Welcome back to the Forum.  I'm sorry that you continue to worry about the low risk exposure that we discussed previously.  The additional information that you have provided in no way changes my assessment.  you have provide that you did not acquired HIV.  As I mentioned earlier, the HIV RNA PCR detects viral nucleic acids which are part of the virus and in no way influenced by the immune response.  Further, if anything, an overactive immune system would be anticipated to increase, not decrease reactivity to 4th generation tests.  You are in the clear, having proven that you were not infected through the encounter that you described.  EWH