[Question #6160] Online hsv testing

16 months ago

I’m writing because I’m confused about my diagnosis…I decided to go online to schedule a  herpes test because I was starting a new relationship…the online company directed me to a local lab after I paid the fee.

On 9/19/2016…my results were 5.00 based on the HSV 2 IGG, TYPE  SPECIFIC AB TEST. 

I freaked out so I called off the relationship…I didn’t want to date nor have sex.  Here comes the confusing part….I have no symptoms it’s been 3.5 years.   I decided to use the same company for a retest, to my surprise the number came back 23 on 01/02/2018.  Mind you I haven’t dated nor had sex, the only thing that changed during that period was I received a VARICELLA ZOSTER BOSTER AND A SHIINGLES SHOT.

I decided to test again on 1/29/2019…same company same test, the number came back 21.50.  Mind you I have not had sex during this period just received the Chicken pox  and Shingles vaccine.

I have not had any symptoms…I went to an Infectious disease Dr, he told me don’t worry about it, I asked him, can I start a suppressive therapy with the herpes drugs…he told me no.   

Why does the number keep changing , I have not slept with anyone during that period

Can the Chicken pox or Shingles vaccine influence the test results

Or should I ignore the online company as my Dr told me to do…I seen him twice, same response…go home , don’t worry about it.

I’m confused… I’m I a carrier and can I pass it on to anyone since I’m not taking a suppressive drug.

Terri Warren, RN, Nurse Practitioner
Terri Warren, RN, Nurse Practitioner
16 months ago
So here's the deal:  if you look closely at your first results, I am guessing that there is a ">" sign ahead of the 5.  That just means that your result was greater than 5, but they did not report out the exact index value.  Now they are reporting out the exact index value and both are very consistent with each other.  This means that you are both infected and potentially infectious to others.  The infectious disease doctor is misinformed about herpes.  You can transmit this virus when you have symptoms but most new cases of herpes are transmitted when people display no symptoms.  The vaccine does NOT influence the test.  I would strongly suggest that if you are having sex with someone who tests negative for HSV 2 that you use condoms if you are male or if female, suggest that your partners use condoms, take daily antiviral medicine that cuts the risk of transmission in half and disclose your herpes status to your partners.  I know this is hard but you can do it!  check out the first result for the ">" sign and let me know what other questions you may have.  I'm here for you.