[Question #6284] Speak to Dr hook once in life

18 months ago
Hi doctor hook I am female with family my request is to speak to you once in life so that I may get through my concern once and for all 

. I deserve this moment as I will surely leave you in peace and would mean the world to me ! 

Please accept when possible . 
H. Hunter Handsfield, MD
H. Hunter Handsfield, MD
18 months ago
Welcome to the forum. As explained on the forum website, users do not select the moderator who reasponds. Neither Dr. Hook nor I are available for in-person conversations or clinic visits through the forum. Feel free to go ahead and post a question and I will be happy to reply.

18 months ago
Hello I hope you are well and fine I need a sincere advice for a start  just want to clarify few points  .  I have to Irrational  questions the situation is not that bad . 

I have needle sort of phobia but it’s okay life was fine I’ll get straight at it and you can help me out 

MY Goal: not to get tested for ANYTHING . And want you to help  PUT some sense into me for sure !

Risk 1) 

I had slight fear of needle . My dad using insulin pen . My  fear was of servant has hiv hepatitis b. C . And if somehow the needle got in the hands of the servant . They normally keep insulin in fridges but needle is in the room 

Okay telling my family member I saw insulin pen in dads room  I said I don’t want to TOUCH it my family member trying to make me brave  rubbed the insulin pen on my shoulder fastly . I got scared the cap was on the cover I just closed my eyes . I don’t remember what happened . But my family member told me there is no needle inside . And well I think i remember not seeing a needle inside 

Anyways I spoke to a doctor he said zero risk ! For hiv hepatitis b c and I want your help 

I’m assuming the insulin pen was attached with syringe medicine and the needle inside it and the cap of the pen got off me when insulin was rubbed on my shoulder . And cap came off and  the needle struck me 

1)doctor said insulin needle any blood on the needle hollow part is exposed to air and simple dead for hiv hepatitis b c . 

2) even if the needle is fragile would I have felt pain ? If the needle pricked me  If there was actually a needle in the pen .  I FELT zero pain to be honest when the pen got rubbed on my shoulder . I must clear it’s a really fragile needle like it bends immediately and it’s like really weak needle . 

3) doctor said insulin pen are fragile and the needle would simply break bend and not enter your body .  What I mean to say insulin needle  are VERY VERY tiny would I have felt pain ? 

4) he said blood needs to be injected into you so we’ll just by getting a prick from insulin needle you are no risk for any virus 

5) the natural blood flow is out ward even if needle went into my arm blood will flow out of me not inward ? 

6) nobody in history of mankind has been infected with the insulin pen attached to the pen 

My main question is doc would I have felt pain if the insulin needle would struck my shoulder ? 

In reality I think it was just the pen with the cover on being rubbed on me it all felt really smooth  

Risk 2) never in life has it ever happened but I actually  walked  stool near sharps container box in hospital looking at blood draws . It has never happened . They are not suppose to be there it was not good . Nurse was a bit apologetic I was like unbelievable. They normally have those under there feet behind the desk . And those box looks
Really solid . I’ll try showing them to you ?

1) I had formal pants on and I believe nurses told me that no needles inside this box because all needles go inside a steel box that’s on the table during blood draws 

2) so I felt a bit relief even if nurse lying the danger box looks like a bucket I felt no pain if well any needle was sticking out of the danger box on the floor .  Since I did not feel pain there was no needle stick ? 

Zero pain ! No feel no nothing . 

3) you have said nobody in the world gets hiv hepatitis b c from discarded syringes so even if they were inside the box i can’t infected 

4)My doctor said zero risk since you didn’t use the needles to inject yourself you at no risk for hiv hepatitis b c . And a discarded  needle cannot inject anything into you so you are at no risk for hiv hepatitis b c 

I DONT WANT TO test I have been tested before hiv . Like 4 months ago  as a normal check up annually . 

It’s been more than a month on the insulin pen incident 

And 21 days on the danger box Incident 

I have ZERO symptoms I feel perfectly surely Surely . You can TELL ME 1000 percent you are safe and welll give me the BIGGEST BOOST OF my life that I wasting my time . 

H. Hunter Handsfield, MD
H. Hunter Handsfield, MD
18 months ago
It is apparent you are the same person who asked similar questions in thread no. 6269 a few days ago. Repeated anxiety driven questions on the same topic are not permitted, and neither is use of more than one account and username. I suggest you re-read my comments in that thread.

It is obvious you have a serious emotional/psychological problem in regard to having blood drawn. My only advice is that you seek professional counseling about it. I suggest it from compassion, not criticism.

Good luck.