[Question #6305] Clarification- HIV risk

17 months ago
Dear Dr's:

I wrote in about 21 months back and received a great answer from you which i appreciate. I will recap and put into context.

I am hetero and have had protected vaginal sex with 7 female partners and an additional 8 bjs protected from females over past several years. I never had a condom break that i am aware of- and i paid attention. Two of the ladies i slept with were swingers.

At Christmas in Dec 2018, my girlfriend (now wife) came down with a bad sore throat, fever for a few days, headache, and sore muscles. A month later she had an HIV test (i believe 4th generation as she had to test for immigration purposes in Canada).  Her test was negative a month or so after the initial symptoms. 

We then had unprotected sex for about the past year and a half after we got married. I had not had an hiv test. She has to have another immigration mandated hiv test and of course my mind is now racing.

I kindly ask you doctors what are my real chances of being negative and my wife not having had ARS? I know I should have tested for peace of mind but i chickened out.

Edward W. Hook M.D.
Edward W. Hook M.D.
17 months ago

Welcome back to our Forum.  I'm sorry you continue to worry about this.  My assessment has not changed.  Your risk for having HIV is virtually zero and your wife has proven that her viral illness in December was not HIV with her test a month afterwards. 

You need to get tested!  For you to continue to worry about this is silly.  EWH