[Question #6370] Hiv and symptoms

17 months ago
Hello Doctor,

I wrote a little while back about a Hiv exposure I have tested at 4 weeks post pep on a 
4th gen lab test and its negative.
I had a pcr rna test at 23 days post pep aswell negative.
 Also HBV HCV and siphillis pcr rna tests at 23 days negative.
Is this pretty much conclusive i dont have HIV? Can i rest easier?
Also I have to ask for advice and draw on your knowledge as a doctor because the doctors i keep seeing dismiss my symptoms as a virus and to ride it out. Im in pain and im struggeling. 
The problems i have is generalised lymph node pains sometimes its sharp throbbing pain in all locations occipital in the neck are the worst but its in my armpits, shoulder and tonsils aswell this is 2 months after i had a sexual exposure. 
What do you think i should ask for from a doctor testing wise? 
They just keep dismissing me and i need to know if this is something serious. What do you think it could be? I have put on a post for herpes section of this site incase its that but now i have read that lymph node swelling isnt really associated with herpes so may have wasted my time. But if you could give me some ideas or tell me what tests i can do to find out what it is as its just not going away.  
Sat here writing this the pain is about a 4 out of 10 in my armpits it will move around to a different area soon but the pain never really goes past a 5 out of 10 really. 
I hope you can help me doctor
H. Hunter Handsfield, MD
H. Hunter Handsfield, MD
17 months ago
Welcome back, but I'm sorry you found it necessary.

Your doctor is correct in dismissing HIV as a cause of your symptoms. I dismiss it as well. It is impossible to have HIV symptoms and not have positive results with HIV PCR and/or AgAb (4th generation) test. Period, full stop, no exceptions. 

My advice remains the same as at the end of your previous thread on this topic:  "You can always start a new thread after your 6 week test result, but if it's negative I don't see the point -- either I or Dr. Hook will simply agree with the negative result, and neither of us will have anything more to say about the exposure, PEP, test results, etc that has not already been discussed. In the exceedingly unlikely chance you have a positive HIV test result, of course we would love to hear it."

The offer still stands to comment on a 6 week AgAb test, if you wish to post the result. I will have no other comments or advice until then, so please don't post anything until you have that test result. In the meantime, rest assured your symptoms are not due to HIV or any other STD.