[Question #641] Oral Hsv 2

92 months ago
On March 6th around 11pm I drunkenly had protected sex for about 3-4 minutes and performed unprotected cunnilingus for no more than 10-15 seconds on who I would consider a high risk partner. The next day, I went on vacation and spent the first two days suffering from anxiety and worrying my self sick, but then I finally talked myself down and started to feel better. Thursday March 10th I spent about 6 hours in the sun (which has always caused cold sores since I was a kid due to diagnoses Hsv 1 so I applied some spf lip balm that may have washed off from beer) and then spent the next couple of days partying. On my last night there, Sunday, exactly 7 days after my exposure, I get a cold sore on my bottom lip. Instantly I jump to the conclusion it was from my sexual experience so I begin to freak out and make a doctors appointment Tuesday . I had a baseline IGG blood test done and all other STDs checked and everything came back negative except for of course Hsv1 which I knew I had.  I asked for a swab but he said that there is not much to swab and based on the lack of severity any my hsv 1 history I shouldn't worry.I have not had any additional cold sores since and have not seen or felt anything abnormal on or around my genitals (I'm a guy). 

What are the chances I contracted hsv2 from this episode?

Thank you very much for your expert opinion and time.

I plan on getting back together with my ex, is it safe for me to have intercourse with her?
Terri Warren, RN, Nurse Practitioner
92 months ago
The encounter that you describe here for me is very low risk.  Great that you used a condom for intercourse, good job!  And the unprotected cunnilingus, though not totally risk free, is very low risk indeed.  My opinion is that the most likely explanation for your cold sore is simply reactiviation of what you've had for years - a simple cold sore from the sun.  While I cannot tell you your encounter presents zero risk of acquiring HSV 2, it's pretty darn close!