[Question #6453] May exposed to HIV, need your help and guidance doctors, thanks

15 months ago

Thanks doctors, Now I am in deep fear of getting infections, I actually have 3 questions.

1. I went to a barber yesterday and got shaved on my hair line, I noticed that the barber did not change the blade to a new one and gave me a shave right after another person.( The time in-between me and the other person is very short)

I had some red spots on my skin after shaving, they did not bleed but I felt a little bit painful when I Sprayed alcohol on the red spots.(I don't know why I can't upload images here)

My question is: Are these little red spots open wound or big enough to get infected by HIV? Is there a possibility for me to get infected by HIV?

2. My second question is, still yesterday, when I was riding the bike on street, a mosquito flied into my eyes and never came out alive again, it was squeezed to death by my Eyelids and died inside my eye bleeding.

I took it out by my fingers and found some red blood on my finger, no doubt the blood came from a victim of the mosquito. So if the blood came from a HIV+ person, is there any risk for me to get infected because of blood in my eye?

I really need help, I am in deep terror right now, I know mosquitoes do not transmit HIV by stinging, but it was a whole different situation that it died inside my eye with unknown red blood!

My question is: do I have any risk under this situation? with a dead mosquito bleeding with some other person's blood in my eye?

3. A Friend of mine drank my cup with his cranked lips, I had a small bleeding sore below my lips that day because of razor(but the wound was very small), and after he drank I almost immediately drank the same cup.

What will happen if he was HIV+ and left some blood on the outside of the cup? And my sore contacted with his blood?

Is there any risk under this scenario? I know saliva killed HIV virus but I doubt at that spot there would not be any saliva involved...

For the 3 situations, is there any risk for me, any similar case? Do I need test?

H. Hunter Handsfield, MD
H. Hunter Handsfield, MD
15 months ago
Welcome to the forum. Thanks for your confidence in our services.

You needn't be worried about any of these events. HIV is not so easily transmitted. Without intimate sexual contact or sharing needles withi infected people, you will never be at risk. To your specific questions:

1) In the entire history of the world wide HIV epidemic, to my knowledge there has never been a reported case of HIV transmitted by shaving with shared razors. Even if a previous customer had HIV, you were not at risk -- especially since there was no visible blood on the razor (which you would have noticed) and you were not cut. The red spots you had make no dfference.

2) This is a unique exposure. I agree that HIV is not transmitted by feeding mosquitoes. However, I can imageine a possibliity of infection if a mosquito had recetnly fed on an HIV infected person adn that mosquito were then crushed inside the eyelids. However, this has never been know to happen, and the chance the mosquito had recently fed on an HIV infected person is almost zero. I wouldn't worry at all about this.

3) HIV is not transmitted on cups, eating utensils, etc even if contaminated with blood from infected persons. Swallowing infected blood and fluids is low or no risk. For example, when perfroming oral sex on an infected man and swallowing infected semen, the risk of catching HIV is around one chance in 10,000. Also, people living in the same homes as HIV infected persons for many years and sharing toilets, kitchens, eating utensils, etc never catch HIV if they don't have sex with the infected person.

In summary, you are not at risk of HIV from these events and should not be worried. This iIf you have been sexually at risk, or if you share drug injection equipment with other persons, you are at risk for HIV and should be tested. But you should not be tested on account of the events described.

Finally,  "deep terror" is completely irrational in these situations. These are not normal fears. If they continue, you might need to consider professional counseling. In the meantime, I hope these comments start to help you get beyond these fears.

15 months ago

Thanks for answering professor, your help is a hand in need.

I have this phobia for over half a year and did many inquiries and researches( allow me to say "research", this is nothing compares to the real research)

I have read your reply very carefully, but still I have some unsettled questions.

For question 1, yes professor, I did not bleed, but I was sleepy during the shaving, so I did not notice the razor at all... I did not see if there is any blood on it. if there was some blood on it, would that be a problem? 

I did not bleed that's ture, but after spraying alcohol on the area, I felt pain, was it possble that there might be some micro wound which could lead to infection? thanks proffessor.

For question 2, "I can imageine a possibliity of infection if a mosquito had recetnly fed on an HIV infected person adn that mosquito were then crushed inside the eyelids. " This really worries me professor.

Is there still a possibility? and if there are some biological or phisical reasons why the blood inside mosquitos does not transmit? and most improtant is, are there any reported cases of HIV infection through eyes? thank you.

For question 3, is there any reported cases of indirect wounds contact which led to HIV infection?

Thank you for your patient and time professor,  for dealing with curious and terrified person like me, thank you and happy new year.

H. Hunter Handsfield, MD
H. Hunter Handsfield, MD
15 months ago
Sorry, but we're not here to solve or even address your phobias, except to provide facts and data.

None of this information changes my evaluation and advice. As for no. 2, if you read and pay attention to my comments, you'll understand there is no realistic possibility you caught HIV from the mosquito in your eye. (If that's what it was:  it could have been any small insect!) If I told you some people get struck by lightning, would that worry you? The chance you caught HIV from whatever was in your eye is probably a million ttimes lower.

I am unaware of any cases of indirect wound contact that transmitted HIV. In fact, I don't think even DIRECT wound contact has been reported to do so. Don't confuse theoretical possiblities with actual risk.

I am not going to answer any more questions about obviously nonsensical possibilities, like whether or not there was blood on the razor blade. Who cares? If nobody has EVER been infected in this way, why does it matter to you?
15 months ago
Thank you professor, I know this phobia is my own issue, it does not alter the fact and truth. Thanks for your patience anyway.

I have last 3 questions, after getting replies from you, I will not fear no more. I know you are the best in the world. 

1. The ONLY ways for adults get infected are having unprotected anal/ vaginal sex, sharing syringes and needles for IV  injection. (Medical exposure is rare,it has similarities with sharing syringes), there is no other way?

2. No indirect contact infection, no food/drink/utensils infection, no infection thru eyes reported, am I right?

3. There is no proven cases of getting infected from drawing blood in hospital, drawing blood is not a option of getting infected from HIV.

Thank you and hope you a great new year, God bless you professor!

H. Hunter Handsfield, MD
H. Hunter Handsfield, MD
15 months ago
1. There are other ways, all rare and nothing to worry about. For example, receiving a blood transfusion or organ donation from an untested HIV+ donor.
2 and 3:  Correct.

That completes this thread. Please do not be tempted to ask again about these or similar exposure; repeated questions on the same topic are not permitted. But I hope this duscssion has been helpful. Happy new year.