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17 months ago
Good morning doc hook I have searched all over the place !! Can’t believe that I have found you 

My question is regarding  ON YOUR statement made on hiv and hep c are not transmitted by the hands 

I have read your expert answer and would love that you certainly clear the air for me 

I WILL post my concern /question when you   are you ONLINE ?  And use your statement on the hands Please hurry thank you 
H. Hunter Handsfield, MD
H. Hunter Handsfield, MD
17 months ago
Welcome to the forum. It's always nice to hear from a MedHelp alum! Just as on that forum, in this one users do not have the option of selecting the moderator who responds (as explained in the introductory information and FAQs). Ms. Warren manages questions relatted to herpes and Dr. Hook and I share the others equally. There is no significant difference in Dr. Hook's and my expertise, on this or any other topic.

No STDs are transmitted by hand-genital contact, or so rarely that there have never been any known cases. This includes both HIV and the hepatitis C virus (HCV). In fact, for HCV it is not correct to even consider it an STD except in men who have potentially traumatic rectal sex with other, e.g. fisting (i.e. with potential blood exposure). One analysis from Europe suggests that unprotected vaginal sex has an HCV transmission risk of 1 in 190,000 if one partner is infected -- i.e. even vaginal sex is virtually zero risk for hepatitits C. So it's not surprising that the small amount of sexual fluids or blood that could be carried on the hands is not enough to transmit infection.

I hope this information is helpful. Let me know if anything isn't clear. 

17 months ago
Hello sir I hope you are well I would like to post my question and want your reply on this and I will do my best to follow what you say 

I just got married to a gorgeous girl , in Asian family we had an arranged marriage 

All is well . I however have a slight issue which I need you to clear . My wife belongs to a very respected family and father is a doctor himself . 
I have a needle phobia which my mom knows about  . When I got married I told her  I don’t like insulin pens my father uses them . 

So I was just telling her don’t go near my fathers insulin pen

The risk : 
 my wife  told me that she had been giving insulin injection to her own grand parents . And has been pricked by insulin pens when Re capping the needle after  giving the injection. 

So this actually well to be honest got be worried that well maybe if her grandparents have hiv hepatitis etc . Would my wife be infected ? With these viruses if the tiny insulin needle pricked herself or injected any blood into her finger ? 

1) so I told myself impossible because her grandparents belonged to a respected family and I’m sure her father won’t allow her daughter to give insulin injection to her grand parents if they were infected with hiv hepatitis b c . 
So im sure it would be safe right and well that’s why her father allowed her (my wife ) to give insulin injection to her grandparents I’m sure her father would know that she can prick herself . So she said her father allowed her completely. And to my knowledge her grandparents Dont have hiv hepatitis I mean that’s what I think 

2) i spoke to my own doctor about this and my doc says no one has ever been infected with insulin pens . Because the needles are too tiny and well just by pricking yourself You can’t get hiv hepatitis c etc . So therefore my wife cannot get hiv hepatitis b. C when she got pricked by insulin needle right after giving the injection to her grandparents as she was recapping the needle 

3) my doctor said nobody in world gets infected with hiv hepatitis b c using insulin pens . Even if the needle  were contaimainted with her grand parents blood .   
I was told by my doctor that you need to use a standard syringe to cause hiv hepatitis b c that has big bore needles that you find in clinics . This certainly my wife did not use . the insulin pens she used was very tiny fragile home use 

4) so only  syringes cause hiv hepatitis b c not insulin pens because I have read drug users get infected when they like push the plunger back and fourth in their vein 
Insulin pens I believe don’t inject in vein . So my wife cannot get hiv hepatitis b c ? 

5) anyways I was told nobody gets hiv hepatitis b c from insulin pen needle even if I think my wife got pricked by the needle after giving me injection her grand parents . So my wife does not not have hiv hepatitis 

So my wife does not have hiv hepatitis b c Correct ?  With the risk I have told you that she got pricked by insulin pen after taking the needle out from her grand parents 

I personally don’t like blood draws , and I have always had blood draw with my mother supervising I don’t think I am strong enough to just take my wife for blood drawing with out my mother alone so can you guide on that matter . 

What should I do ? Can I just enjoy myself ? And also my wife has no SYMPTOMS she is perfectly healthy it’s been atleast 7 months since she has pricked herself so surely some symptoms would be there so far she has Zero ! 

Can you tell me to relax and move on immediately if this question is embarrassing thanks 

Lastly did you understand what insulin pen is it’s home use pens not the big needles with syringes that you find in clinics

Can you help and guide me what to do thanks  I don’t care if my wife is infected what I care about is not losing the person . With or without infection I can’t leave her simply because well I developed a strong attachment towards her 

Final note : I did speak to my mom about this she said no need to get tested and I need to relax so I don’t think my mom would go with us for blood draw therefore I think I can’t go alone for blood draw 

Can you advice what to do ? Thank you luv you for the help 

H. Hunter Handsfield, MD
H. Hunter Handsfield, MD
17 months ago
You are worried about nothing.

1-5) These are all the same question, in different words. Your doctor is right. Even if your wife's relatives have hepatitis B or C, there is no risk in giving them injections or using insulin pens, as long as standard instructions are followed and the devices properly discarded after use. Your wife should be trained in these techniques if that has not happened. But it's very easy. Medical personnel who give injections, and their family members, are at NO increased risk of blood borne infections. These are very abnomral feelings and emotions. I strongly suggest you seek professional counselin.

Of course I don't know if your wife has hepatitis B or C. Probably not, since she has not been at risk. And perhaps either or both of you has been vaccinated against hep B, in which case you're immune to it.

As far as your own injections or blood draws,  or your wife's, you need to just grow up and do it. You're an adult:  behave that way!

It is apparent you are abnormally obsessed and irrationally fearful about all this. Based on all you have said, it is apparent it is negatively affecting your life. Please consider professional counseling, which I suggest from compassion not criticism. However, that will end the discussion on this forum; I won't have anything more to say. I hope it has been a little bit helpful. Best wishes for a happy and succesfful marriage (which may be more likely if you have successful counseling to address your phobia about needles and injections!).