[Question #649] Std risk

90 months ago
Five days ago my hand made contact with a guys underware that he had just precummed on. There may have also been some of his fresh semen on them. My hand had a day old cut/abrasion on it. It was not bleeding. This cut made contact with his fluid. Am I at risk for HIV or any other stds like gonnorhea, herpes, syphillis, clamydia, etc. from contact with his fluid? I don't know his sexual history. I washed my hand afterwards and the cut area stung a lot. A few days later I began having some burning urination, but the above mentioned was the only contact I had with him (no oral, anal took place). If I need any std testing how long do I need to wait?
90 months ago
I forgot to mention that I did touch my own penis shortly after I touched the underware and before I washed my hands. Not sure if that makes any difference. 
Edward W. Hook M.D.
90 months ago

Welcome to the Forum.  I will be pleased to address your question.  While every situation is just a little bit different, there is much information available on the topic of the possibility of acquiring STIs from contact with clothing or other material (like sheets or towels) which has another, potentially infected person's genital secretions on them and ALL (every bit) indicate that there is no risk, even if you have a cut or abrasion on your hand which gets your partner's genital secretions on them.  For instance, mutual masturbation in which two persons typically get each others genital secretions directly on each other is safe sex with no risk of infection.  In your case, your hands were not directly contaminated but contacted your partners' genital secretions on his underwear, an even lower risk situation.    The fact that you then touched your penis and that you had a day old cut/abrasion on your hand does not change this.  It was still a no risk event.  There is absolutely no risk to you and no need for testing of any sort.

I hope these comments are helpful to you.  EWH